album review : Carnival is Forever (2011) – Decapitated

album : Carnival is Forever

artist : Decapitated

genre : Technical Death Metal

year : 2011

Breaking all the laws jotted down by Newton, Polish technical death metal scientists Decapitated are here to explain what they are capable of achieving as a collective unit. They make it clear as to what it means for a fan to await a release, thereby deploying all their forces on this fifth full-length release. Titling it Carnival is Forever, the band throws bricks at you with each of the tracks sounding like a new Decapitated is out there to take over the entire death metal scene.

I wouldn’t be wrong if I say Decapitated is feeling more free than a bird on Carnival is Forever as the album’s inception, execution and hence the final product have all aligned themselves properly. If they were toying around with the idea of crafting a smooth flowing metal album with all their previous releases, believe me when I say that they have reserved their seats besides perfection this time.

I have been lusting for such creamy brutal music with super clean production for months now and these forty three minutes on Carnival is Forever are superlative with guitars that pump up your blood flow, drums that gag you with their speed and vocals that expand the horizon of the album. Every track has this obvious identity, forcing all of us to know the riffs and flow of the tracks by heart. It’s one of those albums which leaves an impression even when it is heard on lower volume levels.

So, now that Newton’s three laws of motion do not stand valid in front of Decapitated there are three new set of laws that are going to take precedence after the release of Carnival is Forever.

First law : Any sane or insane body cannot remain constant when it is acted upon by the force that is Decapitated.

Second law: The net force F (of Decapitated‘s tracks) is directly proportional to the acceleration a of any metalhead and the number of times s/he raises those horns i.e., F = \m/a.

Third law: The mutual forces of action and reaction between the listener and Decapitated are equal, opposite and collinear, to say the least.

Rating : 4/5

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14 responses to “album review : Carnival is Forever (2011) – Decapitated

  • Karthik

    Hmmm… need to get this asap.

  • Pravin Prajapati

    Heard it at 6:30 in the morning, what else can I say NOW!

  • Daniel Rego

    Itihas, you seem to undergo all sorts of violent physical reactions while listening to extreme metal. You attacked people while listening to Morbid Angel, and now massive erections tore your pants apart? I wish I could enjoy music as boisterously as you do.

    That aside, this was a fun, unique read. Album is great, need to give it a few more listens to form a complete impression, though.

    • Itihas Shetty

      No, all the facts are right except for the erection. That happened when I heard Fallen earlier this year.

      thanks man, glad you enjoyed reading this. Moreover, I’m confident you’d reach the same conclusion because the more you play this album there is always an urge to play it once more. Complete win!

  • Saloni

    album of the yearrrrrrrrrrr \m/

  • gauravburzum

    Atom Bomb for your Ear and MInd !

    ” It’s one of those albums which leaves an impression even when it is heard on lower volume levels.” …well put !

  • jits

    Every track on the record stands out..its a very mature and a step in the right direction for the band..both the newbees and the old fans gonna lap this up..i was so expecting a cracker of an album from them wen i heard them play 404 live at deccan rock in Hyderabad a few months back..they were slaying it on stage with 404 and since they announced that it was from the new just raised your curiosity levels about the album..

    • Itihas Shetty

      My work commitments left me with an option to choose between the ‘Cradle of Filth’ and ‘Decapitated’ gig, and being an older fan of Filth I traveled to Bangalore. Did Dani and troupe disappoint me or what!! Filth is a band that sounds tight only on the record. I should have chosen the two day metal fest at Hyderabad instead. Putting aside all of that, with the eight tracks from their new offering Decapitated has made sure the carnival goes on forever.

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