film review : Delhi Belly (2011)

Assuming that I was the last person to have watched Delhi Belly, this is what I have to say about the flick. Every Indian film maker who aspires to make a youth oriented adult comedy movie keeping every requirement in toe would have always thought of including everything that Delhi Belly and it’s characters have to blurt out. But, what must have stopped them is whether it would be accepted or not, they might get voted as the worst film makers for having taken this step, they might become a laughing stock for not knowing how to present comedy and for openly mentioning expletives. Not anymore. The bold step for Bollywood has been taken by the makers of Taare Zameen Par, Peepli Live and Dhobi Ghat.

Although Delhi Belly does not have a so-called story in place, it is carried forward by the strong implementation of situational dialogues, swear words that we thought only you and me used, introduction to oral sex for all the newcomers and of course the characters who do not tire away from using the f-word. While I was having a fuckin’ good time watching this movie on the 70mm screen, I realized this is as close as it can get to our everyday conversations with almost everybody around us.

Story goes something like this – Three friends Tashi (Imran Khan), Arup (Vir Das) and Nitin (Kunal Kapur) share a filty room in Delhi. Tashi‘s girlfriend Sonia (Shenaz, hot!) is supposed to deliver some packet to this gangster Somaya (Vijay Raaz) who is ruthless and true to his profession so much so that he doesn’t think twice before he blows up your ass-hole. A confusion ensues due to the packet being handed over to Tashi first, which then goes on to Nitin and finally is given to Arup for delivery. Obviously, it doesn’t reach the gunda. Post this I’m sure life couldn’t get more fucked and more dramatic for these Delhi regulars.

While all of this is at play the fat Nitin is busy tripping on his own shit and does not give a shit about anything else. He is gripped by the world’s deadliest problem of loose motions bestowed upon him by the pubic hair flavored tandoori chicken. Assisting the trio while they save their ass from the gang is the easily charming Menaka (Poorna Jagannathan), who has a thing for Tashi. Although Tashi was set to marry Sonia in the beginning, it’s old news now that it’s actually him and Menaka who live happily ever after.

This boy/man Imran has displayed spot-on comic timing assisted by the natural Vir Das (who is also a standup comedian) and Kunal Kapur whose expressions are real. The women in the flick are stylish, hot and do not have to act a lot. Vijay Raaz was never out of work and he never will be, because no one else could have said chutiye and bhenchod the way he did. Amitabh Bhattacharya is the man who penned down those witty lyrics. The real heroes of the film are Ram Sampath who gives a music score which is par-excellence and writer Akshat Verma for coming up with the craziness. Of course the cruise was headed to the shore by Abhinay Deo (also the director of Game), and he is getting ‘there’.

Everything in this movie is straightforward. Whether it is the grossness of the contents or the love-making. While I never bother joining the fan pages for Bollywood films (or any films for that matter), this time I made sure I logged onto the Marc Zuckerberg website and joined their official page. This is how the movie made me feel in 2D, I wonder how it would have felt with those detailed 3D glasses. Don’t bother, just keep reading. And, people who hated Delhi Belly or thought it wasn’t enough to tickle their funny bone should go watch Chillar Party for obvious reasons.

Rating : 4/5


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10 responses to “film review : Delhi Belly (2011)

  • Utkarsh

    Agreed. Agreed. Agreed. I agree with every single word U have typed here. Delhi Belly is unconventional, it’s unbelievably hilarious and the reality is just straight-up and in-your-face. No excuses and no-holds-barred. And it’s not funny just because of the expletives. Take out the F-words and the Maa-Behen gaalis and it would still be funny. But the expletives just render it the reality and punch that would otherwise have been missing. I think certain sections of our audiences will cringe and crib. But for anyone with an open mind, this is one movie they can relate to (atleast lingo-wise, if not for the craziness). Kudos to the entire Delhi Belly Team !!!

  • gauravburzum

    The movie is pretty ok, not 4/5 good, and i dont think it should be rated good, just because of the expletives. I am all for showing realistic cinema , but just profanities should not be made the USP of the film. Having said that, this movie was a welcome relief from run-of-the-mill products from bollywood, and at a time when i had virtually stooped watching bollywood movies in theatres. One character that truly stood out in the movie was “Vijay Raaz”, he was fucking hilarious!

    • Itihas Shetty

      dude the rating is not just for the expletives, but for the situations, fresh humor that was presented, the detailing, the shamelessly crazy approach and music that caught everybody’s attention. Nobody ever said just profanities are the USP of Delhi Belly.

      And of course, Vijay Raaz is THE man of the moment.

      • gauravburzum

        I was referring to the promotional campigns by aamir and company. I mean, it was pretty obvious, how they went about promoting the movie, with being “adult” and having “foul language” etc , it was classic “don’t think about an elephant” syndrome, and everyone just thought about it, and took the bait 🙂 and i am not taking the high moral ground here, infact i was the first in line !!

  • Itihas Shetty

    “sir… ye to tatti hai.”




  • Gogin Puhspalal

    dude…sounds bloody insane man….i really have to watch this movie….finally a movie worth watching i guess…

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