album review : Ek (2011) – Faridkot

album : Ek

artist : Faridkot

genre : Funk / Pop / Rock

year : 2011

Mounting on Delhi-based band Faridkot‘s musical extravaganza was an eye-opener. With more than fourteen thousand fans on their facebook page they are sure to be getting several things in order. Their debut record Ek (meaning one in Hindi) is an album for all the seasons with all the correct reasons. They do not hide anything at all, much like what a band should be doing to move forward. Faridkot abbreviate the definition of their music to something as simple as confused pop, but they catch you right there. There is absolutely nothing you can make out when you read that, let alone the variety that is actually in store.

For starters the album is full of solos. The melodic quotient of this group would put life into the dullest of places, unlocking several mysteries that go on in our minds regarding India’s pop scene. There is a heavy rain of melody on Meherbaan, Laila and Madho. Rhythm and funk on Madho, Haal E Dil, Khel Khel Mein kiss your feet enough to get them to move. Darker issues are tackled on Jashn, Patjhad and Khel Khel Mein while Banjaare has the narrator expressing self to a nomad.

There are songs for your lover, there are songs for life, there are songs that simplify the most complicated issues done through Faridkot‘s songwriting and lyrics. No usage of unusual words that will make it difficult for you to sing. Even the most cliched lines are sung by Mr. Singh as if it’s the first time we are hearing them. Vocals are exclusive, and with that kind of a throat Inderpreet can bring a lot of favor in the future compositions.

Ek‘s production wins the listener. Mixing (by Fali Damania) and mastering (by Ashish Manchanda) of the album has been gentle on the instruments, allowing one to hear even the body movements made by the band members while adoring their equipments. The album has been produced with a very rock influenced sound as it’s backbone.

This debut offering by Faridkot also has a very tender name for it’s title. Speaks ounces about what goes on in their mind because whatever it is that has helped the band to reach here it all boils down to one thing and that is music. And, the popularity they are enjoying amongst the masses is Faridkot‘s right as they have catered to all our needs. Ek, my friends, is a dissection of your true being with a full fledged conversation with someone who is within you. And that is the real you.

Rating : 3.5/5

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2 responses to “album review : Ek (2011) – Faridkot

  • Puneet Tomer

    awesome album….each and every song has its different meaning….and especialy “madho” and ” haal-e-dil” are the best written song i have ever heard….i totally hooked to this album…..this is what m listing every time….great work by those guys…and great reviews….keep it guys

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