album review : Leveler (2011) – August Burns Red

album : Leveler

artist : August Burns Red

genre : Metalcore

year : 2011

There is no reason for a website like Encyclopaedia Metallum (known to everyone as metal-archives) for not listing a band that is as metal as you’d expect a metal band to be. Maybe even more. Yes, as I said Metal Archives does not have a page for August Burns Red which according to me is not cool.

This band cracks a new hole with every new album of theirs, and while they are at it they also make sure they do something that has not been done before by them. As I’m increasingly getting drawn to their music on Leveler, I must also add that their last release Constellations was one of the mightiest metal releases of 2009. Complete with bone-breaking and irresistible compositions. On Leveler too, August Burns Red present metal in a plural fashion by giving several meanings and interpretations to the dimensions of music.

The band with a fresh set of twelve tracks (that’s minus the bonus songs) for the year 2011 take the listener on top of a high mountain and then push him or her down with full force. The entire album is how you enjoy your ride while coming down from there, hitting rocks and rolling along the way. And to my surprise they even have midi version of their opening track Empire. The least I can do is use it as my ringtone, to show them my respect.

The entire release is packed with evergreen riffs full of melodic patches. They win your heart with a tightness that would help you ease out your hatred for anything while they are on.

I, for once, cannot sit still when an August Burns Red album is played. They just pick you up and get you going. Leveler, too, has ultimately been produced with the sole purpose of making your neck muscles stronger.

Rating : 4/5

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