Ep Review : History Repeats… (2011) – Dying Fetus

ep : History Repeats…

artist : Dying Fetus

genre : Death Metal / Grindcore / Hardcore

year : 2011

When a band decides to pay tribute to my email id which reads history _repeats@hotmail.com then it becomes clear that me and my blog are making waves. Death grindcore outfit Dying Fetus has come out with their brand new Ep which contains six tracks. All six of them are covers of songs by few of the loudest and most badass death metal bands. If you did not understand the part that talked about my email id, this extended play’s name reads History Repeats…

The Ep’s divided into two sections separated by the only original track by the band and it looks like they really weren’t interested in including an own composition considering this one spans only forty four seconds. It’s titled Rohypnol which is another name for the date rape drug. Thank you Dying Fetus for enlightening me with the same.

So the first half of this Ep is the band’s tribute to American five-piece death metallers Dehumanized (who had split up long back) and Broken Hope, with covers of their tracks Fade into Obscurity and Gorehog respectively. Making into the first half is also a cover of UK-based grindcore act Napalm Death‘s song Unchallenged Hate. Of the three tracks I have been entertained the most by Dehumanized cover followed by Napalm Death and Broken Hope songs. Seems like the band knew in what order to place the tracks.

On the other side of Rohypnol, we have Bolt Thrower, Pestilence and Cannibal Corpse cover tracks. The Bolt Thrower song Unleashed Upon Mankind from their third full-length War Maker has been played with the same discipline by Dying Fetus. Perfect players Bolt Thrower are one of my favorites and I’m glad they are a part of this cover compilation. From being a thrash metal band to playing progressive stuff, Twisted Truth is off Pestilence‘s (from Netherlands) death metal era from 1989 to 1991. That they are back to playing death metal again now is a sign of good things to come.

Wrapping up things is a Cannibal Corpse cover song – Born in a Casket from their debut release which throws light on the fact that Dying Fetus knows what to pick when. I would vote Twisted Truth above Born in a Casket here because the Corpse song doesn’t bang me well. A peculiarity of this record is the band incorporating some or the other element from the chosen bands. While they do an exact replay of Napalm Death on the second track, they also do full justice to Bolt Thrower.

There are no shameful moments on these covers, and hence the band completes their first twenty years in the business with style. Those of you who are used to carrying the date rape drug could try out another alternative the next time. Thanks to Dying Fetus, even I can try feeding Rohypnol to my date now. Just kiddin’. All the best to Dying Fetus for their next innings in death metal.

Rating : 3.5/5


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