film review : Not a Love Story (2011)

Whether a man, in love, who thinks only with his dick qualifies to be called a lover or not is something that can be debated, but that’s the way Robin‘s (Deepak Dobriyal) character has been written in RGV‘s new flick Not a Love Story. Coming from Ram Gopal Varma it isn’t unusual that the story is lifted directly from the Neeraj Grover case which had grabbed headlines for being one of the most gruesome cases in the history of Indian crimes. Google it up to know what exactly happened.

Wanting to fulfil her dreams of being an actress in Bombay (this theme has been overdone in films anyways), Anusha convinces her jhantu boyfriend Robin that she wants to go to the city of dreams. The over-possessive chooth that he is, Robin does not want her to escape his cage lest he loses her. Even slutwalk 2 cannot help the big breasted Anusha who behaves as if exposing her assets is the only way to bag a role. Refusing to fall prey to casting couch, she declines a role and in no time is offered another movie. Enter Ashish (Ajay Gehi) who helps her through all this and claims to be in love with her.

They spend time together and one night both land up drunk at her place. And then, they have sex. Very next morning the jobless Robin lands up at her place, finds Ashish naked and in a fit of rage kills him. All because the slutty Anusha lies to Robin that the ‘other’ man had raped her. Robin proves his chutiyagiri again by cutting the dead body into how many ever pieces and packs them into bags. Both lovers take off to some place and burn the bags. Hence begins the second half which is more thrilling than the first.

Chasing the clues and taking help from the bitch who continues lying to save her fat ass, the police uncovers the truth. That’s all there is to the movie. Wanting to lock lips with the woman he (supposedly) loves at the drop of a hat, the forever fretting Robin behaves as if he has paid to ‘own’ his woman. That, for me, remains the only reason why his hot chick sleeps with Ashish.

And, did I mention the Rangeela track that has been unnecessarily used so many times as the brainless lead actress’s ringtone. It was seriously annoying.

Varma, yet again, spins together the magic of his camera with some over-the-top background score to convince the audience that they are going along with the story. Chowta‘s music seems like it has been lifted from somewhere, but I cannot exactly recall from where. The actors do not have enough scope on this one. Dobriyal had to behave like a moron in-love (with his lady’s cunt), Gill had to put her voluptuous body to some good use and cry all the fucking time, and Gehi had to come, die and get chopped. It was a closed script with not much to do and then you have RGV claiming that it is not entirely inspired by the infamous case.

Only after the film ends does one give it a thought that this wasn’t a work of fiction. There was one Mr. M.L. Jerome Mathew who actually did all this along with his girlfriend Maria Susairaj to a certain Neeraj Grover. Bone-chilling. But I can’t hold back from saying that Dobriyal‘s role in the film was that of a chutiya. Not a Love Story is strictly a one-time watch.

Rating : 3/5

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