album review : One Bullet Left (2011) – Sinner

album : One Bullet Left

artist : Sinner

genre : Heavy/Traditional Metal

year : 2011

The gates have opened to the heavy metal ceremony of the year with German veterans Sinner inviting every person, sane and insane, to this joyous get together named One Bullet Left. Without trying too much they please you with their unmatched energy, all thanks to everything that has kept them in action for so fucking long. One of the longest running successful traditional act, Sinner deserves a standing ovation for belting out classics on their sixteenth full-length. Yes, you read it right.

Distributing wisdom through their music even on One Bullet Left, the category this band belongs to is that of legends. Ultimate long solos, mighty vocals and the album’s ability to take you back in time are few of the things that define these twelve songs. Most of our problems stem from our thoughts, and if there is one thing that can provide us help is some absolutely engaging music that is honest to the core.

Songs on One Bullet Left touch your heart, your mind giving you the freedom to not think about the stuff that you want to get away from. Saying the album is just good is not enough. These sinners command respect.

Rating : 4/5

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