album review : Norrøn (2011) – Einherjer

album : Norrøn

artist : Einherjer

genre : Viking Metal

year : 2011

Nordic mythology always had tailor made music by Einherjer – a band that is a product of the same culture. The viking theme nestled in the arms of their songs right from the band’s inception. They had called it quits in 2004, and Norrøn is the band’s fifth full-length and their first after reforming in 2008. A long break of eight years from composing epic tracks has cost them dearly as the tracks on Norrøn are uneventful, forcing me to lose faith in Einherjer. Only a song, or at max two, drove me to spare a thought about the subject they always touch upon. Norrøn is a half-baked version of what the band set out to make in 1993. I’m disappointed, and this album does not deserve more than two spins.

Key tracksVarden Brenne, Atter På Malmtings Blodige Voll

Rating : 2.5/5

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