album review : Awaken to the Suffering (2011) – Pathology

album : Awaken to the Suffering

artist : Pathology

genre : Brutal Death Metal

year : 2011

The pentagram is complete. Sick musicians Pathology who are bloody serious about drilling your brain with unmistakable death metal have done it the fifth time over. Another fine exponent of American death metal scene, Pathology cannot be ignored easily for other bands from the same genre. The tunes on Awaken to the Suffering are capable of lapidating the hearer as they combine heavy music with messages, and I agree with the band’s school of thought.

The tracks are brutal as fuck, groovy enough to make customers at gorepub dance to their macabre tunes and they even have patches for listeners who have a thing for solos on a brutal death album. Oscar Ramirez‘s bass would break all the eggs in your house, Dave Astor slaps the drum hard enough to make you forget your headache. Tim Tiszczenko and Kevin Schwartz come in from both sides of your ears only to realize Jonathan Huber is squeaking right in your face. Even the cover art is splendidly comprehensive.

Awaken to the Suffering would either make your stronger or would cripple you. Either way you can visit the Pathology department to figure out what’s wrong. But even there you’ll either find help or feel helpless. And now, you are trapped.

Rating : 3.5/5

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