album review : Head öf the Pack (2011) – Skull Fist

album : Head öf the Pack

artist : Skull Fist

genre : Traditional Heavy/Speed Metal

year : 2011

Dealing in everything that is suggestive of heavy metal, the sound of Skull Fist can be trusted for guaranteed bliss. The audience for this Canadian band’s debut Head öf the Pack would span across all age groups, because no one can ever get enough of the classics. The echo of Jackie Slaughter‘s clean vocals, that are powerful enough to break a glass, would vibrate across the length and breath of your body while the solos by Johnny Exciter have been played to suit all seasons. Johnny‘s excitement is evident as he is thoroughly enjoying himself on the album. Drummer Alison Thunderland and bassist K.C Slade genuinely suit their roles.

The album has detailed renditions, and while bands try to establish a connection with the listeners through the initial few tracks on an album, Head öf the Pack is an instant hit. One of metal community’s most promising entrant, Skull Fist definitely do not sound like they are releasing a debut. They had a demo before this, they even had an Ep but this debut clearly shows that heavy metal is Skull Fists‘s true calling.

With the songs on Head öf the Pack the band is ready to open for those bands that have inspired them. Skull Fist is a troupe of born-rockstars and their only mission is to play traditional heavy metal. Show them some love.

Rating : 4.5/5

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