album review : The Tomb Awaits (2011) – Entrails

album : The Tomb Awaits

artist : Entrails

genre : Death Metal

year : 2011

Classy death metal that incorporates speed, darkness, groove, ‘roll’ and gives back so much more for the amount of time the listener invests in hearing the second album by Swedish band Entrails. There are ample amounts of speed alterations making me ponder over the fact that Entrails are actually belting out death metal dynamites on The Tomb Awaits. The guidelines for hearing  this album are clear – One needs to have a special place for old school death metal with several modern elements mixed together that creates a new sound that is far from confusion. The strength that is carried by darkness is up for grabs.

On a scale bad, average, good and excellent albums I’d place The Tomb Awaits between average and good because going by what I hear on this album they can do a lot more to their songwriting and their full potential is yet to be reached so their best is yet to be seen. So, while you go check out their latest release I’ll go play their debut, which supposedly is better of the two.

Rating : 3.5/5

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