album review : Dualism (2011) – Textures

album : Dualism

artist : Textures

genre : Progressive / Death / Thrash Metal

year : 2011

Needless to say Textures have lived up to their name. Literally. The tryst between multiple genres and several soundscapes, rollicking display of progressive prowess and the next level of technicality makes Dualism difficult to handle. A leap bigger than the most experienced frog could take, the band’s work has made it an interesting act to watch out for. What else does someone who lives, breathes, eats and farts music need? There could be nothing better than the wait for a new album by a good band. And, the wait for Dualism has come to an end.

There are eleven tracks on Dualism, timed well and recorded with utmost care just so the painting of intricate music pleases us. The album opener Arms Of The Sea brings in huge quantities of dynamic music without losing the tightness. Black Horses Stampede and Sanguine Draws The Oath pluck that which has not been done but needs to be done parts from the band’s musical coffer.

There are some songs that deserve the ‘perfect’ status, because other than believing the royal nature of the these songs we listeners do not have an option. Reaching Home, being one of them, just narrows down my imagination, loading my brain with memories and a perfect scene is created in my mind which is in sync with the song’s mood. Then there is a Consonant Hemispheres holding together the universe with it’s brisk melody and infectious atmosphere.

Midway there is an instrumental named Burning The Midnight Oil. The praises flow by itself for this one as well. This one just isn’t ordinary, it is a kind of instrumental science in action. A lot is happening on the instrumental and it might take a few spins to just love the song completely. Track ten Foreclosure is a dimple on Dualism’s cheek, enhancing it’s beauty.

Singularity, Minor Earth Major Skies, Stoic Resignation are amongst the most enlighteningly energetic tracks that are part progressive part thrashy and part death. Sketches From A Motionless Statue is tricky, elegant and is a perfect end to Dualism as it would send you back to the first track so you can run through the album again.

Every song written by Textures carries the tag of uniqueness and it becomes very apparent that if a compilation of hot progressive bands is to be made they’d feature among the best ones. Dualism is the band’s best work, and I cannot think as to how Textures are going to better themselves after this. Solid release!

Rating : 4.5/5

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