Ep review : The Lightyears Explode (2011) – The Lightyears Explode

ep : The Lightyears Explode

artist : The Lightyears Explode

genre : Alternative / Indie / Punk

year : 2011

Refusing to budge from oozing out humongous amounts of energy, the rays of positivity are seen coming out in the listener’s direction the very moment the first string is plucked. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Lightyears Explode are from a very polluted Bombay and from where I stand I can see this band as a sparkling new addition to music lovers all across. Punk, when played in huge slabs, can eliminate the need to stay low and down. And, when a band makes that extra effort to erupt, the pieces fly towards you with élan.

Debut Eps or albums are always tough to make and if I relate my experience at debuting, whether it is at anything in life, I remember putting in more than I have or I can. That’s what makes up our experiences and we take back more than we thought we’d end up with. The Lightyears Explode chose to release a self-titled Ep and they have their shit in place right there. I cannot think of any other name for these highly energetic, intently infectious set of songs that are perfumed with so many different flavors of life.

The clothes are shed on the opening track She Still Probably Is, wherein the three-piece is seen in full force. Vapors of alternative punk are seen rising as I breathe in this song. Co-ordination between the three instruments is seen getting more and more absorbable on Masala Punk. Nothing like it when we are offered to munch on such sections as this song has where we get a feeling of lights switching on and off. The Gay Song has vocals that dictate other things that are going on, with a solo that’ll help you miss some things less. Oh, we did miss a solo till now.

As we reach Pretenses And Other Forms Of Fakegiri the talk shifts to the track getting a little more plain in it’s approach with clean parts that could have been the highlight of the track but towards the end we have more like confusion in progress. Like we save the best for the last, The Weapon is an overdose of all things this band believes in. Hello, this is to let you know that you will reach The Weapon once you have begun with She Still Probably Is, and I even went the other way round.

Overall we have bass that has been played voluptuously well, and the vocals that need not be changed for any reason. The instrument that is beaten up by the drummer emerges victorious on this Ep along with the lovable electric guitar and thus we have another Ep worth storing.

Five fingers make up the hand that we use for several things good and bad, so does five tracks on this extended play that focus on the pleasant and lousy situations life puts us in. But do we sit down and wait for things to change? No, because even if we do life moves on.

The Lightyears Explode is a boisterous Indie effort by this Bombay outfit that goes by the same name, obliging you with alternative captions on their tracks, making you sit up and jump around with all the funk their songs carry and attacking you with the punk neatness at the same time. They don’t seem to be pulling the brake anytime soon and the way they are sounding on their debut I wouldn’t be surprised if the brakes fail.

Rating : 3.5/5

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