album review : Vortex of Death (2011) – Hat

album : Vortex of Death

artist : Hat

genre : Black Metal

year : 2011

Pretty much in the same league as the other bearable black metal bands at the moment, Hat from Norway is still a band I would pay attention to. On Vortex of Death they do not sound forced, and that in itself adds to the anti-life idea they are promoting here. They too hate Christ, so what’s exclusive about them is the name itself. Hat means hate in Norwegian. So I could just take a hat with thorns inside it and go to someone who deserves to wear it and say ‘Hey! this hat is for you‘.

The only reason that would bring me back to what Hat is playing on this record is the constant riffing that is going on in the background on almost all their songs because that is essential, it glorifies my favorite genre. The on-going fast paced beats and raw vocals just adapt themselves to everything that the album is providing to our ears. Al though I’ve heard stuff like this countless times before, Hat has still managed to surprise me with Vortex of Death. I’m impressed.

Rating : 3/5

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