gig review : Rock ‘N India 2011 featuring Metallica

This piece of article is not a review, but an experience. It’s the description of a dream I lived. All throughout the concert I was standing with folded hands, and was amazed at the way things were unfolding.

Along with that single visible star in the sky, there were (or seemed to be) more than fifty thousand beings who had gathered to watch thrash veterans Metallica headline this year’s Rock ‘N India at Palace Grounds, Bangalore on 30th of October, 2011. The event was brought to you by DNA Networks.

Metallica came, they saw, they erupted. By the time a few songs got over I was busy trying to get a clear glimpse of the legends. Trying to describe how tight Metallica played would amount to a criminal offence. Those of you who missed the concert just missed it. There is no other way it can be put. James Hetfield is still so freaking handsome that he can give all the current Hollywood actors a run for their money. Lars Ulrich cannot sit still on his throne, he just cannot, he is the most athletic in the band. Kirk Hammett with his goon-like appearance takes the cake, while Robert Trujillo is spot-on and dynamic.

Glitches that could be rectified –

1. The E-ticket redeeming counter wasn’t opened till it was dark. Does that mean all those people who booked tickets online (including the international fans) are jobless wanks? Online booking is done because it is easier sitting at home no matter which part of the globe you are from, and here we had fans standing in a static line for hours on end just to exchange a dumb piece of paper for a ticket. This window should have been open the entire day.

2. Security guards responsible for letting people into the concert need to keep their cool while doing their job. Agreed it is frustrating and you have to come across morons while you are working but then so are fans who paid a few thousand rupees and have been standing in the line for hours. Imagine the plight of those who booked their tickets online. They had to redeem their tickets and then behave themselves in the second line, so they had to fight the battle twice.

3. It is not only necessary but important to have a good band open for Metallica. Come on, it’s METALLICA. Only satan knows how Guillotine made it till here but the crowd told me this band from Delhi sucked so bad that it was more like an insult to watch them live. On a brighter note we had Inner Sanctum who got to play lesser songs but owned the crowd with their energy.

4. After the event got over instead of just removing the layer of black cloth that surrounded the entire venue, people were made to come out through small gaps in between which could have caused a potential stampede had this not been the Bangalore gig. Yea, you understood my point.

5. This was no ordinary event. It could have been made more spectacular by increasing the use of fireworks.

Those of you who weren’t present lost one chance to watch a lot of Metallica’s older classics. It makes no sense for me to explain how many people cried during Nothing Else Matters, how many were running around during Master of Puppets and how many pulled out their hair when they heard the first note on Seek & Destroy. It was just magical and the feeling hasn’t sunk in yet.

Here’s the setlist :

Creeping Death
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Ride the Lightning
Fade to Black
The Memory Remains
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Sad But True
All Nightmare Long
Master of Puppets
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman

Encore :

Am I Evil?
Seek & Destroy


Always remember that there isn’t a bigger metal gig happening in India anytime soon because at the moment there isn’t a band bigger than Metallica on this planet. Achieving the level of fame a metal band named Metallica has, is impossible and it can never be duplicated.

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