film review : Paranormal Activity 3 (2011)

Yes, they did make heads turn with the first installment, they managed to make the audiences return for the second part, even the third was eagerly awaited but after watching this one I’m not sure whether fans would allow the makers of Paranormal Activity series take control the next time over. This one seriously lacks a story line and goes pointlessly back in time, where we are made aware of the real reason why sisters Katie and Kristi went through what they did in parts 1 and 2 respectively.

Before both the sisters face horror, Katie gives some videotapes to her sister Kristi in 2005. Through one of the tapes we are taken back to 1988 where Katie and Kristi‘s mother Julie and her boyfriend Dennis are trying to make things work so they can be a happy family. But something tells you that Julie‘s mother Lois (and hence Katie‘s and Kristi‘s grandmother) doesn’t see a worthy man in Dennis. Even the camera doesn’t like Lois‘s face, the old lady is freaky.

So the story begins with the tape being played. In order to investigate the abnormal happenings which have already begun in the house, cameras are placed in classic Paranormal Activity style by Dennis all over the house and there is even a swinging camera this time around. Julie and Dennis try getting in the mood to fuck but these invisible paranormal forces play hindrance. According to the plot the alarming situations have begun. Dennis brings in his friend Randy to watch the footage. This goes on and on with very few scenes that’ll send a chill down your spine.

Kid Kristi talks to this ghost buddy of hers (named Toby) at night, and we are lead to believe that the real reason behind all of this is Toby. The ghost does nothing new in troubling the characters. There is the usual blanket-slipping, body levitating, hair pulling and  dragging by the leg scenes. Towards the end it so happens that Dennis ultimately gets killed, in style. I’ll leave the readers to figure out how and why. Looks like it’s Kristi, Katie, Lois and Toby (the ghost) who live through all this.

Paranormal Activity 3 had it’s moments but then prolonging the plot just to have some link with the first two parts does less justice here, especially when the unique selling proposition is horror (without any kinda bloodshed) which seems less intense. There might be a fourth installment in the future with Toby‘s introduction but next time I’ll avoid being misled by any trailer.

Rating : 3/5

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