album review : Kosmonument (2011) – Oranssi Pazuzu

album : Kosmonument

artist : Oranssi Pazuzu

genre : Psychedelic Black Metal

year : 2011

While it might put a lot of you to sleep, true black metal enthusiasts should drop everything you are doing and check out this psychedelic black metal act Oranssi Pazuzu. Songs by this Finnish band are like the wings of a trippy looking bird which are being flapped just to get you high. Kosmonument is not the first album I’ve heard in this genre but some of the rest have sounded so terrible that it seemed like some handicapped brains have worked together.

The band says they make music that invites all the arsonists and smokers to hold hands – Now this is something that they should not have said because it is uncool and very poserish. Oranssi Pazuzu‘s second album Kosmonument clocks at over an hour. It’s a must listen for those recovering from a bad trip. Don’t switch off the lights completely while hearing the album, have a dim setup if you can, that’s when Kosmonument will work as sweet poison.

Rating : 3/5

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