album review : Of Love and Death (2011) – Crom

album : Of Love and Death

artist : Crom

genre : Viking/Power Metal

year : 2011

I only have praises for this one man German band named Crom for the sheer determination with which he performs tragic songs that can be tagged under metal on any given day. On Of Love and Death, Walter Crom Grosse does not give a fuck, and procreates an uncommon world where not everyone is going to feel comfortable. He gives you power metal without sounding inspired by some biggie from the same genre, and he also splashes out oodles of viking metal on you.

Surprising how the album’s pace is slow and within no time you feel the eight songs have come to an end. Acoustic notes mark the beginning of most of the epic tracks on Of Love and Death. The songs aren’t loud but are able to convey that something is seriously wrong with love, life and death. It’s a non-competitive rat race between viking and power metal where in the former flourishes. For good. And, the whole blend brings out a very sorrow-driven melodic result.

Walter "Crom" Grosse

Strong rhythms, soothing passages, simple yet believable lyrics make the whole record a pleasing voyage. This man is definitely having a hard time coping up with something he has been through. You’d want to revisit portions and try to get into the musician’s mind. The music displays real despair or he is a master of his art. Either way Crom‘s second full-length Of Love and Death is far from being a bad album. But remember, even for the slightest connection with this album you need to have something called as a heart, and it will be interesting to observe how people who carry their heart up their sleeve would react to these songs.

Rating : 3.5/5

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