Pune airport – one of the worst in India

With just one terminal for every kind of departure, passengers going to Pune’s Lohegaon airport are forced to reach there earlier than is required, and have to more their asses faster in the queue. But does the security realize, that accordingly, they need to be quicker too? No.

Once you enter the airport you will find yourself looking at one of the most unexciting and lifeless airports I have come across in India. I will exaggerate only when I feel the need. Think twice before stretching your body as you might end up hitting the people next to you. Space crunch also puts a brake on the swift check in and security check process.

Don’t consider eating inside the airport because they sell shit and it is all overpriced. And there are no options either, just this one snacks center from where I bought a Chicken Kathi roll for fucking 180 bucks and had loose motions the very same evening.

Food is overpriced for the poor quality that is offered at Pune airport's only snacks center.

Once past the final security inspection, you expect the facilities to improve and the interiors to become more lavish but here there is no difference. Two snacks counters, one men’s clothing store and one book store. That is all. Forget the washrooms, they look like the least cared sections of the airport when it should be the opposite. So, hold your pee for a little longer, at least till you board your airliner.

Then I stumbled upon something useful and appealing. An imported chocolate and liquor store. It was locked and the board outside read “Only for international passengers“. This imbecility needs no explanation.

My flight was scheduled to leave at 11:10 a.m. sharp. There was no announcement about any kinda delay. It’s 11:05 a.m. and all the travelers still see no sign of any activity that would lead us to the aircraft. It’s like we are not at the airport at all, we are just sitting in a park, smoking up and just hallucinating about killing time at Lohegaon Airport. The time read 11:15 a.m., everybody formed a queue and we escorted ourselves outside.

Now comes the worst part. Boarding the aircraft. The passenger is on his own and s/he has to find their respective flights from a few of them that are parked in a single row, like a fucking bus stand. Go to the first one and you are asked to continue walking, then the next, then again the next, and so on and so forth. Somehow you enter the plane, and before you find your seat you need to lock yourself up in the loo to release .

Conclusion – The city of Pune requires a new airport or at least some serious renovation, like the city itself where the roads are dug up and left just like that, where road construction never ends, where flyovers are unplanned, and all of this causes the commoners to suffer excessively.

Note – Mine was a Delhi-bound flight via Indore, and from it’s outer appearance the Indore airport looked like a railway station. I wonder whether the Indore airport is even more pathetic.

After all, not all small packages contain good things.


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5 responses to “Pune airport – one of the worst in India

  • bhaskaran iyer

    glad u had this one write up….. i got ripped at the snacks bar at the port. i am a veggie and i dnt worry for price but the paneer roll was a serious rip off for 170 bucks.my flight was delayed by 3 hrs and i got no info abt it. one reprive i got was the smoking area in the 1st floor lounge but wen i entered i quit smoking. thats abt it man.

  • kalps

    yes it is very bakwaaaaaaaaaaas place …..specially when u entered toilets…..

  • Abhi

    I think u should delete the last photo…Pune Airport is defence Airport and last photo might not be the right one to share.

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