More than yesterday, less than tomorrow

Sitting here and doing a retropspective diagnosis of my life is not me anymore. Twenty eleven ruled for only one reason and that is this blog crossed a lakh hits, went dot-com and my mailbox began overflowing with demos, albums and teasers of bands across the globe. My only grouch is I could not write about every one of those bands that wanted to build a bond with this webzine. But I want to say one thing to each of those bands – I’m hearing, and it’s just that my job and my passion aren’t the best of pals.

Twenty Twelve looks plump as professionally its going to be different from the last three years. Implying I’d be leaving the country for a good one year. New place, new work and I couldn’t have been happier. That directly connotes that there is lots more to follow, right here on Absurd History. Stay tuned.

And, the slideshow below shows some multifarious moments I managed to capture when the three of us ushered the new years together – Me, Peter and Scot. Happy new year. To you and your foes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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