album review : Resolution (2012) – Lamb of God

album : Resolution

artist : Lamb of God

genre : Groove Metal/Metalcore

year : 2012

The sixth full length

With the experience of having toured with all bands that are part of the big four behind them, I wasn’t expecting these angry American sons to sit down and rest on their past merits. Richmond, Virginia is the place that’s famous because these five individuals hail from there, who at one time might not have thought that they’d be legends at a relatively younger phase in their lives. On their way to becoming the most revered metal act from the groove metal / hardcore genre, Lamb of God are one of the most holistic bands out there kicking ass since day one. To that I’d love to add that, out of their discography, they have scored a five out of five till now. Now we are onto the sixth which is titled Resolution which is going to embrace our ears.

The songs

Yea, I know. You were expecting some sort of ‘change’ or ‘innovation’ in their sound, a kind of a growth and they ended up doing what they have already done. Smack yourself for that stupid expectation. In the history of metal there have been only a few bands that have been forever respected till of course, today. So why don’t you just take some good shit coming your way. The songs on Resolution are certainly not in the forward direction but they aren’t a step backward either. It’s an active battle that can be placed alongside the rest the records recorded by the impatient fivesome.

There is a showcase of advancement on tracks like Desolation, The Undertow, Invictus,  Terminally Unique, Cheated and Visitation wherein melody and groove are brought together in classic LoG style. It is raining solos on Ghost Walking, The Undertow, Insurrection and King Me. Randy has demonstrated vocal variations from north to south and from east to west, here and even before this, while Chris has added more polyrhythms to his already complex resume. So, let me not comment on them. The remaining tracks need not be talked about as they had to be a part of Resolution.

The album

At fourteen songs, Resolution happens to be Lamb of God‘s longest yet. Thereby, they erase one more of my doubt which had be asking whether they’d be able to pull it off. They have, and the walls in your room will begin to respect you since you can slap them anytime by playing Resolution. This way you get respect for once just because Lamb of God write mad songs. Wonderful.

The production

Talk about the album’s production and it would be the first thing that might irritate your nerves in the head. You might even want to wait for the release date to see if it’s actually sounding like this. But, if you’ve heard the five earlier releases by them then you’ll find similarities between Resolution, New American Gospel, As the Palaces Burn and Wrath. Resolution is a bag wherein the sound and production efforts from all of the mentioned four albums have been borrowed and throw in. I am reminded of Black Label more than once and I kid you not. You get the opportunity to hangout with that characteristic jarring sound one more time.

The verdict

I do not expect the genre haters to understand the revolution that is Lamb of God, and well its not their fault. They are just too dastardly up (and down) there to figure out what’s happening on a LoG record. I pity them. Time to announce the verdict after having heard Resolution more than half a dozen times over a period of several days. Like any other LoG album, even Resolution does not contain stuff that is going to help you get over your break-up in the very first go. It grows, and grows enough for you to add it to your playlist, your collection, or whatever you wanna add it to. Hear it at least three times, is my suggestion, because the moment you are done playing the album once, you will have an urge to disrespect it like what happened when you heard Sacrament or Wrath. Do not forget how the song Redneck, that you thought is insipid, turned out to be a goldmine of groove once it was blasted over and over again. Give Resolution time and space, and you’ll find yourself looking at and hearing an album that could not have been better.

Rating : 3.5/5

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