Singer Whitney Houston passes away

Singer Whitney Houston has passed away. She was the voice behind some of the most romantic songs ever written. And the lyrics of her tracks can make any body go weak in the knees, no matter what generation you belong to.

Being a strong believer of emotions, be it love or hate, I have always fallen back on music to give me the strength to keep moving forward.  Being in love and after spending some wonderful moments together, more often than not people end up changing themselves with time by giving in to the valueless demands of life. Every promise made just evaporates, leaving countless questions unanswered. Each of us has to stop breathing one day, and none of us are going to carry anything after that. Hence nothing, ever, should be placed above the sacredness of love.

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Besides all the other songs that always kept my beliefs alive within me, there is one particular song which was sung by this lady who is no longer with us. I’ll leave you all with the song (originally performed by Dolly Parton) that holds the power to remind me of some one and puts me in a hypnotic state every single time I play it. Only Whitney Houston could perform the lines on ‘I Will Always Love You’ that way. Because, in a world that is fast moving towards a befitting end, where those small little unspoken things have no value, such strong words are easier said than done and she made them sound absolutely believable.

Rest in peace, Whitney. And, thank you for touching my life in so many ways.

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