album review : Blood for the Master (2012) – Goatwhore

album : Blood for the Master

artist : Goatwhore

genre : Black/Death Metal

year : 2012

Blood of the Master contains crushing blackened death metal from the United States-based Goatwhore, packaged well with a hell lot of dislike for the false creator, popularly known as god. All the members of the band are continuously swimming in a pond of hate talking to everyone in the only language they know. One of the most consistent band from the genre they play, Goatwhore‘s music from their fifth full-length falls on you like a false ceiling ready to break your fucking head. A well timed album at a little over thirty eight-minutes, the album contains morbid guitar solos and some sick drumming to go with it. The vocalist forces his throat to growl and screech out the band’s true sentiments about ‘religion’, thereby making me the happiest person on the planet at that moment.

Check out the supersonic riffing on An End To Nothing. The guitarist has done some breathless stuff with the guitar, and he challenges the rest of the members to catch up with him. The best song on the album is this weird-ass one named Embodiment Of This Bitter Chaos, which begins on a really unpredictable note with the guitarist twisting the strings of his instrument. The song goes onto include the better bits of speeding black metal, only this time the drumming is heavier. The solo in between is enough to impress you all, but listeners who are looking for a lot more than just music will find it here. On the darker side we have Beyond The Spell Of Discontent. It has a vague flow which only adds to the excitement of the song.

The album has more positives than negative points which makes it a win-win situation, both for the band and the listeners. The cover art could have been improved, considering nowadays bands have gone three dimensional to explain the concept behind their album. Forget 3D, but the artwork could have been a little more detailed. All-in-all Blood for the Master is one massive album, and you should readily donate your blood to Goatwhore so they can quench their master’s thirst. Out with it, now!

Rating : 4/5

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