Danter’s Fun Fair 2012, Cheltenham

Danter’s Fun Fair, as the event is called, boasts of a wide variety of extreme rides and games for all age groups. From what I read, the Danter family is supposed to be in this business since 1940 and hence the name. They have these fairs at different cities, and are currently in Cheltenham. Right in my neighborhood, which is the Cheltenham Racecourse, the event attracted my attention for it’s colorful appeal. The entry was free, so I entered the venue to witness a fair that made optimum use of the small place. Well spaced out rides that are more scary than they look, games that do not require one to use their brain, and stalls selling food (burgers, chips, hot dogs, sweets and candy floss etc), hot drinks, non-alcoholic cold drinks and you can even walk in with your alcoholic beverages.

There are many different kinds of rides, namely Oxygen, Extreme, Superstar, Freak Out,  Dodgems etc. Most of the rides are priced at around two to three pounds, and there are cheaper games too in case you aren’t carrying even that much cash. Games include punch-ball machines, hook-a-duckshoot a target, house of horror circus and the like. All these names only appear childish, but it is actually real fun to get your hands dirty. Anyways there are separate rides and games for infants so you are free to decide which category you fall under. The venue also has portable toilets so even your shit is taken care of.

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The main attraction of the evening, for me, was these two chicks who got into an ugly fight that had the two of them pulling out each other’s hair, ramming their fists into each other’s face with an attitude to kill. All this happened only because one of the chick was constantly dashing into the other’s bumper car. Not a good enough reason but no reason is ever good enough.

I have to admit I’m fucking scared of these adventure rides but since I went there I had to try out something. This one particular ride was called ‘Superbowl’ which looked damn simple from a distance. I went in, and I realized the person who locked us in our seats did it so casually as if it was a toy car and we are all trying to push it ourselves. The speakers blared ‘Are you ready?’. Not like I had an option and there it began. The whole structure was spinning at different heights, both vertically as well as horizontally, and the car in which we were seated was doing it’s own twists and turns in the air. All this is happening at a speed that can give heartache to a seemingly strong person too. There is a point in between when the ride becomes completely perpendicular, then comes down hurriedly towards the ground only to swirl around and take you up once again. Scary, and this is how it looks.

This fair had every kind of audience. Family, couples, bachelors looking to hook up and children being themselves. To know more about Danter’s Fun Fair visit their official website here – Official website of Danter’s Fun Fair and Edward Danters Fun Fair.

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