Triptykon live at Destroyers of the Faith, London 2012 : A review in pictures

Enslaved successfully injected the progressive viking virus into the crowd before the third act for the night Triptykon took things in their own hands. A relatively newer yet bigger band, Triptykon was formed from the ashes of Celtic Frost. If you do not know Celtic Frost you should stop reading from here. Tom Fischer, in order to continue educating the metal world about the subject of doom, went on recruited a few killer musicians and hence we have Triptykon today.

It was grim from the word go, and matters became all the more so when Tom entered into the audience’s eyes with his cold stare. Coarse riffing coming out of the loudspeakers knocked everybody off. Might have bored a few who were there only  for Cannibal Corpse but otherwise everyone seemed in favor of the happenings.

One moment that filled the venue, HMV Forum London that is, with energy was when Tom invited Corpsegrinder on stage for one of the songs. It was quite a jam between musicians from two completely opposite genres, and you had to be there to witness the camaraderie. George couldn’t stop himself from doing the windmill to Triptykon’s songs too. Easily a section of the gig that will be remembered.

“We own this world.”

Well controlled, dim flickering light arrangements on stage heightened the effect of Triptykon‘s tracks which saw the band cover Celtic Frost songs as well. The death metal oriented wailing vocals by Tom did not allow anyone to take their eyes off him. Including me, but I made sure I caught a glimpse of their bassist Vanja every few minutes. Good bass playing, and good looking too. Bonus!

Triptykon captured while they did their thing. Click to enlarge :


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The indomitable Cannibal Corpse live at Destroyers of the Faith tour, London 2012. Click. Now!

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