album review : Torture (2012) – Cannibal Corpse

album : Torture

artist : Cannibal Corpse

genre : Death Metal

year : 2012

Waking up every morning to the sick bass work on The Strangulated Chair gives me an assurance that the day is going to kick ass. Much like the entire twelfth record by Buffalo-based Cannibal Corpse. Nothing at all hinders them from writing death metal that carries a stamp of pitiless, cold-blooded and daring lyrics, murderous music and artwork that is strong enough to put a roadblock to your understanding of artistry. Not giving a fuck about where their music and artwork gets banned, Cannibal Corpse are not just an unstoppable death metal unit but also an inspiration for every extreme musician out there. As for us fans, had there not been a band like Cannibal Corpse then we would never have tunes to match our wildest desires. I don’t want to get myself started here.

Torture is out and this album puts a full-stop to anyone claiming that Cannibal Corpse is no longer the glorious band it used to be, or they do not cater to the ‘real’ death metal fans. I think you need to get yourself a hearing aid to digest the notorious music that CC keeps belting out with every album. The signature groove that fornicates with some of the crudest words used to describe the theme of the album has culminated into a metal affair that is Torture, which is going to be admired by the death metal community for the longest time. Spilling their extreme anger at every step of their way through the album Torture shows just how uncompromising a band can be!

After having watched them live now I know that they are all a metal band should be. Cannibal Corpse dash through their songs, knitting together all the possibilities that could come out of their genre. Every facet of the band is trending forward. The growls, on Torture, are one of the most visible features. Corpsegrinder adds another layer of clarity to the songwriting. Guitars are particularly heavy on most of the tracks, thereby providing a lot more music to store in your subconscious mind. Torture throws you down the mountain. Every part of your body hits different edges and corners of the rocky patches and by the time you land on a flat surface the only thing that is left is your carcass. And Cannibal Corpse have already planned what to do with that as well. So, don’t worry.

I’ve always wanted to say that the United States of America should add the fifty first star to their flag that would be dedicated exclusively to these death metal pioneers. And there couldn’t be a better place to jot this point down than here in the Torture review. Without an iota of doubt I can say that they deserve it.

Rating : 4.5/5

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