album review : Weather Systems (2012) – Anathema

album : Weather Systems

artist : Anathema

genre : Atmospheric Rock

year : 2012

The multi-layered We’re Here Because We’re Here, released by Anathema in 2010 introduced the band to the remaining section of the world too, the section that had not heard of them. Time came to a standstill for me when I heard that album, giving me and my fellow listeners a glimpse into some of the most svelte tunes released in recent times. But wait, there is more to Anathema than that. While I thought they’ve invested everything they’ve got in producing their last album, two years later they return with something even more powerful. Using the same medium of a simplistic approach to touch your heart, this year’s Weather Systems is an exciting new addition to their discography. One that would go well with any kind of life’s backdrops.

To begin with, Weather Systems takes you into the plush interiors of an absolutely ravishing genre, and the makers of the album – Anathema, should recieve a standing ovation for having released it. Engaging from the very beginning, the songs find their way into your memories, bring out the ones that are forever etched into your being and provide you with answers that are somewhat close to what you want to hear. The production on the songs is delicate and so are the songs, that have been written with complete justice being done to music.

Both parts of Untouchable will inch you closer to accept the fact that you need to move on from a difficult situation, The Gathering of the Clouds builds on the same thought giving you a shoulder to hold, Lightning Song will give you goosebumps that won’t settle down soon because you are swimming in an altogether different frequency of thoughts. Sunlight will remind you of Dreaming Light (from We’re Here Because We’re Here), but there is nothing to worry about since they are not even close to sounding similar. The Beginning and the End pumps up your adrenaline especially towards the end and The Lost Child waves the sombre flag. Progressive instances are described at length with long ballads like The Storm Before the Calm and Internal Landscapes.

A band that has been staunchly devoted to combining their god-awesome lyrics with a slice of life approach towards their songwriting, and an intentional drab atmosphere explodes with energy that holds together your happy and sad moments with equal ease. I cannot stop appreciating the way they acknowledge the thoughts that have stuck with us, thereby helping us in working out how important it is to look at things from a perspective that you think is right. There are songs that will really help you discover yourself. One just needs to concentrate on the words and chances are you will not forget everything Vincent, Danny and Lee sing on the album.

From being one of the frontrunners of doom metal, to creating a sound of their own it has been a complete reversal of sorts. Their doom-laden older material gets extensively played even today but at the moment they are the cynosure of all ears in the world of progressive atmospheric stuff. And, do not forget to understand the difference between saying “I’ll always be there for you” and to actually always be there. All of this and much more on Weather Systems. This album is what keeps me busy when I’m not doing the compulsive mundane affairs of life. Come on you, come here, fall in love.

Rating : 4.5/5

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