Day 1 of The DesertFest, London 2012 at The Black Heart : A review in pictures

the black heart, camden

While the proceedings for day 1 at The DesertFest had begun at The Purple Turtle (where I was present), around the same time the other venue The Black Heart had also begun serving quality music to the audiences who had chosen to be there. While I could not be omnipresent at both the venues, I managed to catch a set by Gonga (from UK) at 6:30 pm. To say the least Gonga lived up to their name, as they mixed slow and speedy rock with a lot of grit and determination. They had a peculiar sound that identified itself with the band, making everyone hearing them feel like the stoner desert is a good place to be at. The three-piece band worked its way towards pushing the venue into a trance. The listeners had to find their way back because Gonga had promised only one side of the trip!

The line-up for The Black Heart on day 1 looked like this –

Stone Axe (free set)
Crystal Head Acoustic
Asteroid acoustic
Hard ‘n’ Hairy Club Night

The gallery features only Gonga’s performance, as I could not stay at The Black Heart for long. Enlarge the pictures by clicking on them individually


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