Day 1 of The DesertFest, London 2012 at The Purple Turtle : A review in pictures

purple turtle, london

The first edition of The DesertFest kicked off at The Purple Turtle on a rather quiet note with not many people turning up as I had expected to see, but considering it was only 3 in the afternoon I don’t blame many of them. All the nearby pubs were packed with metalheads who made the best use of the Easter weekend by coming for the only stoner / doom festival that matters.

While the larger part of the crowd was getting drunk, and preparing themselves for the bigger bands at this intense, psychedelic, seriously doomed fest, I caught the DesertFest‘s opening band at The Purple TurtlePonamero Sundown. The band had a story of it’s own deploying their stoner-laden riffs to invigorate the crowd so they can wake up, and smell the music. Up next were Stubb, who played the role of psychedelic rockers to the tee and hell nobody wanted to get out of the venue, at least until they were done.

the purple turtle, camden

Trippy Wicked saw two members of Stubb back on stage, with a new bassist to differentiate. While the venue was getting filled slowly, I for one enjoyed their set completely because the vocalist Pete Holland had a bloody good voice to go with the music. The three-piece were trippy and controlled the crowd with their stoner blues stuff. Another band that got the audiences moving were Sigiriya. Involving a very melodic approach towards the whole stoner doom genre, Sigiriya made young and old dance alike. The last band for the day at The Purple Turtle was Lord Vicar. Formed after the demise of Reverend Bizzare, Lord Vicar had experience written all over it. Pure hypnotizing doom metal reaching every ear with an intention to make the head above bang.

The lineup for the first day at The Purple Turtle had the following bands –

Ponamero Sundown
Trippy Wicked
Stone Axe
Lord Vicar
Desertscene Opening Party

Here’s the gallery for day 1 at Purple Turtle so you know how it looked. Click to enlarge


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