Day 2 of The DesertFest, London 2012 at The Purple Turtle : A review in pictures

The Purple Turtle, located just outside Mornington Crescent tube station, was to lay down the carpets for the festival entrants at 4 pm. Since there was Boltfest happening at another venue on the same day I had told myself that I would catch at least one band from each venue of The DesertFest. So, I ran down to Purple Tortoise, sorry Turtle, to catch the day’s first band there – Meadows. I had heard very less music from this band, and I was there right at the center of the venue waiting for them to start playing.

My first thoughts about their appearance was psychedelia with a lot of atmospheric passages, but guess what they knocked me off with a blend of crusty doom metal complete with elements of grind and hardcore, obeying the rules of sludge and stoner genres as well. A lively act on stage, Meadows did whatever damage they could to our necks.

I will leave you with the only picture of Meadows that my camera could capture :

Meadows live on day 2 of The DesertFest

The rest of the bands scheduled for the second day at The Purple Turtle were as follows –

Spider Kitten
Iron Witch
Serpent Venom
Black Pyramid
Metal Hammer After Party

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