Day 2 of The DesertFest, London 2012 at The Black Heart : A review in pictures

I was  not well versed with the music of the bands that were to be hosted by The Black Heart on day 2. It had to be like taking-a-chance since I went there only when I had time to kill. Off the seven bands that were readying themselves to play at the debut edition of The DesertFest, the ones I had the pleasure of watching were Deville Acoustic and Steak. Due to lack of time, and bigger names at the other two venues, the remaining five had to be skipped. These are the times when I ask myself why does the day have only twenty four hours.


This is how the second day at The Black Heart looked –

Deville Acoustic
Ashes of Iron
The Bendal Interlude
Diesel King
Into the Void Party

It was 2:10 in the afternoon (which wasn’t felt inside the venue) when this one man band Deville took the stage all by himself with an acoustic guitar. I reached there close to 2:25 p.m. The mood was already in place, the admirers had gathered and I had to make my way through the crowd to reach the front. Deville had only a mike, his vocals, the guitar and his fingers to gather all the claps and respect. Fresh twisted tunes played on an acoustic, clean singing with vocals that gave a perfect platform for his lyrics, and a heart that had the zeal to perform stoner material had the listeners being slapped with chilled water. Deville‘s performance was a divine effort.

London-based band Steak even describe their music as desert rock. Erupting like a dormant volcano, Steak‘s set was full of music with spirit personified, complete with boulders of sludge and stoner rock coming towards you. Getting fuzzier and fuzzier with each song, Steak rotated my head, and had ample grip on melody as well. The performance was straight-forward and laid back, providing foolproof entertainment on a Saturday afternoon. Were we asking for anything more when we left our houses for The DesertFest. Fuck no!

Deville Acoustic and Steak in action on day 2 of The DesertFest at The Black Heart. Click on the pictures to enlarge them


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