Day 3 of The DesertFest, London 2012 at The Black Heart : A review in pictures

desert storm

The Black Heart was the only venue where they did not have a board outside that carried the venue’s name. So kvlt. I realized this on the last day of the fest. Guess the only way one can reach here is by following everyone who is wearing black, because that is how I entered this venue on day 1. Unkempt metal heads who looked exactly like I did, and that is where I belonged.

Off the five bands that were to play on Day 3 at The Black Heart, I managed to catch four of them. Pretty cool. I’m not trying to sound hurried here but here is the line-up for day 3. I will get to them individually.

Ellie Mathews
Undersmile acoustic
The Death Letter acoustic
Desert Storm


The Death Letter acoustic were a two-piece, with both members from Dead Existence. What set them apart was the melancholic songs that were tied down with genres like blues and slow folk rock. It also helped that the band did an acoustic, since their sound and words needed to be heard closely. It wasn’t a pleasant afternoon, since the The Death Letter liked to keep it bleak.

Considering they had ‘desert’ in their name itself, UK-based rockers Desert Storm stole the show by bringing back the golden old melodies filtering it with spaced out grooves, with vocals that were meant for the microphone. Gathering together a lot of front row dancers, Desert Storm taught us how a party should be continued.


Undersmile, from Oxford, was a female fronted band. Fronted by, not one but, two of them. They were completely new to me and I had never heard of them. Trust me, when they began playing I thought of it as a joke since the intro was not appealing. Now they were hellbent on taking things at a snails pace, and within moments they gripped me with haunting vocals done by these two pretty ladies accompanied by a drummer and a bassist. So basically they were two couples who had come together to ruin your honeymoon with slabs of sludge and drone. I wouldn’t mind watching them again because I’m sure they have a lot more tales to tell.

Another one of the festival favorites and veteran musicians Gorilla (from UK) ended the festival at The Black Heart. Three members with Johnny Gorilla on vocals, Sarah Jane on bass and Sammy Forway on drums. It was all about heavy metal for Gorilla, taking each listener back in time with not just playing the instruments but feeling the parts intimately and churning out solos like fresh slices of butter. It was a win-win situation on both sides of the The Black Heart stage.

Gallery covering The Death Letter acoustic, Desert Storm, Undersmile, Gorilla

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