album review : Midnight in the Labyrinth (2012) – Cradle of Filth

album : Midnight in the Labyrinth

artist : Cradle of Filth

genre : Extreme Gothic Metal

year : 2012

Midnight in the Labyrinth is a re-recording of ten old Cradle of Filth tracks. The album has two compact discs, one of which is purely instrumental. This time the ten tracks have not been recorded as complete songs, but only used as backgrounds scores to the lead scream-ist Dani Filth narrating something that wouldn’t interest you. One can only like him when he is abnormal, and screaming the shit out of his throat. Joining him in boring the listeners is Sarah Jezebel (ex-Cradle of Filth) who occasionally says a thing or two on a few tracks. All of this on disc 1.

The songs that have been chosen to be recorded again in a different ‘format’ are –

A Gothic Romance (Red Roses for the Devil’s Whore)
The Forest Whispers My Name
The Twisted Nails of Faith
The Rape and Ruin of Angels (Hosannas in Extremis)
Funeral in Carpathia
Summer Dying Fast
Thirteen Autumns and a Widow
Dusk and Her Embrace
Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids
Goetia (Invoking the Unclean)

Filth had stopped growing with every release long back, but I did find traces of old-Filth in Darkly Darkly Venus Aversa. The gong did ring loud enough to take notice of the band. Always expect the unexpected from them, as they have managed to take you through the shittiest of the shit, and even the best of the best. When Thornography and Godspeed on the Devil’s Thunder struck the Cradle of Filth camp like Hiroshima and Nagasaki (the two albums were successful though), it became clear that the wait is not going to bear any fruits. Apart from being a terribly boring live band, the band is not left with any ability to write pummelling music anymore as well. Look at what they released in 2011, which again strengthens the fact that they do not want to be forgotten. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have another release lined up in the next six months. How about complete silence on the next one, Dani?

Disc 2 is an instrumental / orchestral recording of nine of the tracks from the above ten. Goetia (Invoking the Unclean) has been skipped. What I fail to understand is this – Cradle of Filth is a fit band with sharply talented musicians then why doesn’t the band just sit down and go back in time to comprehend the reasons that got them noticed in the metal scene in the first place. Probably doing that would save me (and this world) from putting myself through albums like these that really don’t strike a chord. The reason I give a fuck even now is because I always believed they were an astounding ensemble at some point in time. I’m almost getting to a point where I’m going to give up on them and join the other haters who fall in this category, just that I’d have a solid reason to do so!

Rating : 2/5


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10 responses to “album review : Midnight in the Labyrinth (2012) – Cradle of Filth

  • Music rocks

    What a terrible review

  • Jae Aytch

    I have been listening to Cradle of Filth since Darkness and Her Embrace (good for me, I know). I find myself agreeing with you on the Thornography and Godspeed albums -for Cradle of Filth, they were rather forgettable. The bar was set by Cruelty and Damnation. Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I heard the Red Roses for the Devils Whore track from this album and found it to be interesting. Not a fan of the voice over, but I like the music. I rather like it when bands who uses orchestral overtones release the orchestral version sans the band (good example of this: Dimmu Borgir – Abrahadabra bonus tracks). While your first responder didn’t like your review, I found it made me want to check the album out for myself all that much more. Cheers.

    • Itihas Shetty

      You mean ‘Dusk… and Her Embrace’. Yea, man. In fact you should start from their first demo ‘Orgiastic Pleasures Foul’ up until their Ep ‘Vempire’. Like you said even I am a fan of orchestral stuff, and I know exactly what you are hinting at. Although there are parts where Filth’s new album that embrace you but you realize that Filth has run out of ideas. That it is the same stuff again, but only this time it is sounding less noisy. A successful band can’t just bask in the glory of a few good songs they wrote in the past. You need to keep going, and you need to keep tearing worlds apart. If someone who has never heard Filth before plays ‘Midnight in the Labyrinth’, then s/he would find a wonderful partner. The record is full of lullabies, and Dani is surprisingly gentle!

    • Itihas Shetty

      And since you’ve reminded me about Abrahadabra, here’s a review I had written for Dimmu Borgir’s ninth full-length – One of my favorite albums of its kind, Abrahadabra was an exemplary effort by the band.

  • Siddharth

    Hey Itihas…hope you remember me…Siddharth (gave you a lift to your place and spoke shit loads about metal)…thanks for this review…I was very happy to see a new album from COF but the tracklisting just alludes to a bag of old stuff refried and reheated…….will wait for their further albums….beg to differ on one point though…they are not a boring live band…had seen them @ Filmore San Fransisco in 2005….they kicked a$$ …..especially thier unique way of mike testing…instead of going “Hello..check…mike..check..hello” they’d go ” cunt…penis….cunt….dick” ……see they’re sort of entertaining ….lol…peace brother…have a nice day

    • Itihas Shetty

      LOL, hahaha. Brilliant! Of course I remember you Siddharth! I had loads of expectations from CoF when they played their first gig in Bangalore, but trust me when I saw them live I was bored to death. Surprising. Even we could watch Filth do their sound check but the gig was organized by a bunch of retards. They had covered the venue with shamiana like its a fucking wedding pandal. Even though the band had no problem with fans watching them do their sound check, these narrow-minded organizers were trying to act cool and shit. I hope they are reading this. 😀 I was supposed to do a video interview with Filth but by now you’d be able to guess what might have happened. Anyways, screw that…

      Well, I can never watch the number of bands you did, but what you did in US is what I’m doing in UK right now man. Done with a few festivals and next up is Download’s 10th anniversary. Yeah, baby!

      You have a great day Siddharth. Make merry.

      • Siddharth

        Saw that you saw Autopsy (I saw em as abcess with Chris Reifert doing his thing on drums an vocals ….as did Mike Browning for Morbid Angel…..and Benediction … that’s a fucking kick ass band especially all songs from Transcend the rubicon and Grind Bastard are sonic kills……..especially Agonized, Painted Skulls, Nightfear and Nerve Bomb………just that sometimes the vocal growls sound funny…..but man enjoy your time while you are there……..heard HERITAGE from opeth (disaster as compared to Damnation, Ghost reveries and watershed) and GOD SPEED DEVIL’s thunder by COF ( sick to the core as it’s based on GILES DE REIS)….good song especially TIFFAUGES and Shat out of hell…..lot’s going on….been trying to get my hand on UTILITARIAN the latest by NAPALMDEATH….these buggers keep churning our relentless grindcore stuff every year………let me know if you get to review this album…..hope it’s as usual Perforation in the tympanum stuff from napalmdeath

        • Itihas Shetty

          Sure thing, Siddharth, will enjoy! Next up is Slayer, Sleep, Melvins, Wolves in the Throne Room, YOB, Death Grips in May and then Download Festival in June.

          New Opeth was forgettable. Reviewed here
          Couldn’t find the time to review CoF’s Godspeed on the Devil’s Thunder, and didn’t enjoy it either.
          And, I was to write about the new Napalm Death but somehow it skipped my mind back then. But I’d recommend the album mate. It is, like you said, relentless grindcore the way Napalm Death enjoys it.

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