Baptized in Alcohol

This is just a small proportion of the total amount of alcohol that was consumed at this year’s BoltFest at HMV Forum, London. Attendees can try looking for everything that kept their hands busy before, during and after the gig. Your time starts now.

No luck? No worries. Alright, now all of y’all, raise your whiskey glasses, beer mugs and vodka shots high up in the air and get a glimpse of what is going to flow down your throat. You don’t really need a reason to drink, do you? So let’s get wasted this one time. Cheers!

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Bolt Thrower live at BoltFest, 2012

Autopsy live at BoltFest, 2012

Benediction live at BoltFest, 2012

Vallenfyre’s second ever live appearance of their career at this year’s BoltFest

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