Solar Deity’s Aditya Mehta: “Exhumation is nowhere on my priority list”

solar deity band logoSoaked completely in black metal, Indian band Solar Deity started off as a studio project. Besides being a full-time live band now, Solar Deity is the only Indian metal act whose propensity for Satanism cannot be ignored. Clad in black robes the members take the stage not only with their instruments but also a clay pot, to quench their thirst. In short, they mean business.

I sat down with my pal Aditya – vocalist/guitarist of Solar Deity to discuss the Indian metal scene in general, Laveyan Satanism, Exhumation, the upcoming Black Metal Krieg gig and of course Solar Deity! Let’s proceed with the interview already, shall we?

  • Yo, Mehta! I’ve known you for years now. Why do you think I’m excited about interviewing you at this point in time.

Aditya – Because you know I’m going to say controversial stuff! I’m very cheery these days because the new EP is doing so well, and in general everything’s going great. Life is good, man. But I won’t disappoint you, old friend, so go ahead and hit me with the rest of your questions. I place my hand on the e-book version of the Satanic Bible and promise to tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

Now that’s what I call creative relief. Alright, moving on…

solar deity band

  • You bash the Indian metal scene and many of the bands at the drop of a hat. It clearly shows that you, as an artist, are either uneasy or unhappy about the scene progressing or regressing in a particular direction. What, according to you, would be an ideal Indian metal scenario, where you don’t see yourself blasting, be it in interviews or conversations.

Aditya – Oh, balls to everyone! The scene is filled with poseurs and ass-kissers who are dying to be liked and accepted. Anyway, if these bands want to jack each other off it’s none of my business… but this underground scene is a fucking joke. There are very few bands that are actually worth something. The rest can die in a plane crash or get crushed under a bus.

So there is no ideal Indian metal scenario. You’ve clearly given up…

  • aditya mehta pot solar deityLet’s skip everything about how and why Solar Deity was formed. Tell me what does black metal mean to you, and how much of your ideologies could Solar Deity successfully imbibe.

Aditya – Black metal is music for the soul. I still love death metal the same way, of course, but black metal is what touches my spirit. Death metal is craft, black metal is art. I’m doing everything in and with Solar Deity that I couldn’t do before; I don’t have to hesitate at all. My vision is clear, the others in the band share it and and we are achieving it together.

  • You keep saying you are a Laveyan Satanist. I, myself support what Anton Lavey had to impart because it is logical. But, apart from the obvious, what do you mean when you say you are a Laveyan Satanist. How different your life would’ve been had you not known who Lavey is.

Aditya – Oh, come on, this is like asking Muslims what they would be if they hadn’t been born into Islam. I don’t know… I would’ve been a trendcore poseur, I guess… ahaha! Okay, seriously – I wouldn’t have been this strong mentally, I wouldn’t have been this focused, and I certainly wouldn’t have had this drive. My whole life changed the day I realized I was a Satanist… everything became very clear. There is total clarity in my life, and zero bullshit. It gets better as I grow older, it gets even more powerful with time. Around two years back the change in me was very noticeable: I realized nothing was happening with Exhumation and that I would have start another band to make extreme music… That was a fucking moment. I gave up drinking for almost a year, and the focus and drive came right back and I embraced the anger and hatred that was in me. I accepted it completely. It’s beautiful, y’know… the things anger and hate can drive you to do… it’s fucking amazing.

The right question pumps you up!

aditya mehta animesh das solar deity

  • Your jam sessions are a tribute to the devil, and your live shows are rituals. What’s the deal.

Aditya – Eh! I make a big deal out of everything. Eating muskmelon ice cream is a ritual, and when we eat aam-ras and the works in the summer I behave like there’s a grand ceremony taking place. It adds fun to my life.

  • Am I forgetting the band that put you into the Indian metal history books in the first place. No, I’m not. No news about Exhumation, no shows, and a lot of rumors. Put an end to it.

Aditya – Exhumation is nowhere on my priority list. Solar Deity is my main band and I have a few other projects waiting to happen: Spirit (death metal), Angry Dwarf (avant-garde noise), Heretic Magus (death/doom and funeral doom) and Bludgeoned Sociopath (goregrind). Apart from all this, I have a book of short stories to complete (I haven’t written a story in four years), more books to write, cats to take care of, and a life to live. If anything more needs to happen with Exhumation, it will – but I’m not exactly bathing in anticipation. Also, I’m fucking sick of being asked about Exhumation, so if anybody really wants me to talk about it they can first buy me a quarter of whisky.

OKAY, now that clears the air…

solar deity devil worship artwork

  • Solar Deity facts: 3 Eps, 1 single and an on-going three city tour. How receptive/supportive has the Indian metal scene and the non-existent metal media been to the group. You might want to add what more is in store.

Aditya – Pretty much the whole scene was stunned when we released In The Name Of Satan. Nobody really expected me to do anything after Exhumation started fizzling out, but I’m me, y’know? It’s so much fun when people forget what I am because I love reminding them. Then we released Snowless, and then The Darkness Of Being and now Devil Worship… we still have so much more to do, and we’re looking forward to it.

A few websites gave flimsy reasons for not writing about us, but they either disappeared into oblivion or came around eventually, when they realized we weren’t a random band that had come to pass time. The websites that did help us, however, really helped us – and they are responsible for spreading our music in a big way, and I’m very grateful to them.

  • Are you excited about this landmark all-black metal event Black Metal Krieg 3 that Solar Deity is part of. The audience is aware that Solar Deity would be unleashing their stuff at the gig. Tell them why exactly should they be present during your set.

Aditya – Of course I’m excited about Black Metal Krieg 3! Any extreme-metal fan will fucking come in his pants at the gig… I mean, look at the fucking lineup! I think this show is going to be great for Solar Deity because Mumbai and Thane will get to see our all-new lineup, and we’ll be playing a long set with stuff from all the EPs… and we’re getting to share the stage with these awesome bands. Kunal Choksi and Kunal Gonsalves are pulling off some mad shit here… every metalhead worth his/her favourite black t-shirt is going to be at BMK3… fuck yeah!

Solar Deity is:

Aditya Mehta on Guitars / Vocals
Animesh Das on Bass
Amogh Sharma on Drums
Niraj Singh Chauhan on Lead Guitar

solar deity band live

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[ Black Metal Krieg 3 (featuring 1833 ADStark DenialSolar DeityCosmic InfusionWinter GateDark DesolationWinter ProphecyDormant Inferno and Spiked Crib) is the only event in India that pays tribute to black metal. The event is going to demolish a venue in Bombay on the 8th of December, 2013. Stay updated here: . ]

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