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gadget review : hTc Touch P3450

Bought in mid-2009 for sixteen grands, I paid the maximum amount I possibly could for an hTc as I bought it from a Reliance Digital Outlet. Always wanted to own this sleek and refreshingly sexy smartphone as I had lost my heart to it and also because not many around owned one. After using Nokia 6600 and a Chinese touch screen phone I know this was coming.

hTc Touch P3450

Talking about touchscreen hTc has a smooth and sensitive screen that obeys the stylus and gets things right in the first touch unlike many other devices that have the stylus doing more harm to the screen than normal use should. The screen alignment option makes the use of stylus even more easy. Hold it the way you want to and get the screen to respond your way. There is an extra stylus provided just in case you happen to insert the first one somewhere. With a thick screen that not just appears strong, there is a scratch guard provided to take care of rough users.

hTc has a user-friendly interface because of a mobile windows operating system. Nokia users will be heard saying their phones are more user-friendly for initial few weeks. Exploring hTc will make them think otherwise. True to being a windows phone it includes all the microsoft tools making your phone even more useful for you. I don’t think you need anything other than microsoft mobile excel, word, oneNote and powerpoint. Habitual readers can carry their pdfs wherever they go as they have an adobe reader. Includes windows messenger to adhere to your chatting needs, and to do more than that there is internet explorer, opera browser and an hTc browser. Surfing just became easier with wifi facility. Youtube is istalled to put less load on your phone when trying to connect to the video streaming site.

Towards the downside is the camera with just a two megapixel resolution. Zooming worsens the quality of the clicked snap. But if your phone is already loaded with pictures of your girl and your favorite artists then browsing through them is made fun with a photo viewer. Its not just iPhone where you can zoom using your fingers, but here too pictures can be twisted, turned and zoomed using your fingers. The absence of good themes makes the look monotonous but then nowadays everything can be done if you have internet, although I haven’t tried anything. The original hTc theme itself is pretty kickass.

Music lovers are going to love the fact that the phone has an inbuilt windows media player and a speaker that is loud enough. Everyone watches an mms clip on their phone, you can say you watched one on a windows media player. So cool, yea? The volume can be adjusted with some controls provided on the side panel. There aren’t many games but who plays games anyways. The Taiwan-based company also provides a velvety cover for the phone so you don’t have to go around looking for one.

Adding up to all that has been mentioned is the fact that the phone has negligible weight and gives your trouser’s right pocket a cute shape. hTc looks delicate but is loaded with features and would suit your business as well as casual needs. Buy an hTc to draw all the attention you always wanted to, who knows it might just help you lose your virginity.

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