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R.I.P. Santhosh Lobo

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Santhosh Lobo

With a heavy heart I bid farewell to my friend, the founder of IndianRockMp3, Santhosh Lobo. After a prolonged battle with cancer, Santhosh – the independent promoter of Indian music scene, is no more. Santhosh touched thousands of lives by simply setting up a website that would provide you every information about any Indian band you could possibly name. Be it articles, interviews or collaborations, he did everything selflessly, with a glee in his eyes which is what made him a special person in the Indian music scene.

With his passion aside, I knew this man for his candor, the motivation he provided me and the ease with which he took everything in his stride. I’ve lost someone I was close to, I’m devastated and my heart goes out to his family. I know we all move on with things in life, but this one’s definitely going to be a hard one. Rest in peace, Santhosh. I’ll miss you. Or rather, we all will.

The weekend’s not near, it’s here : Download Festival 2012

Initially started as a blog to document my personal escapades and experiences, Absurd History has now diversified into a professional web-zine that is teaming up with the best of record labels, artists, bands and organizers from across the globe. But, even today, all of this fails to silence the excited boy inside me (I turned 25 this year, and I’m loving it) who had hankered about attending some of the most massive music festivals out there, someday.

What was once just a passing thought that had vanished into thin air, is going to be a part of three day’s of my life, starting today. Decades down the line this post here would remind me that I was there at the tenth anniversary of one of the most acclaimed, celebrated, full-mouthed and crammed congregation of music lovers – The Download Festival.

2012’s edition would have more than 70,000 people participating in it, a total of five different stages, more than 140 bands spanning over a period of three days and don’t even get me started on the jillions of other attractions planned for the attendees. A virgin when it comes to camping, I wouldn’t ask for a better place to put up my first tent than Donington Park. So yea, here’s to a weekend full of muck, booze, sweat, torrential rains and heavy fucking metal. Don’t get your pets along, they’ll get crushed. Alright, I’m getting late now. See you all next week, when it would be you, me and the post-Download blues.

Twenty Five

Maiden Snowfall

It is -2 degree celsius here in Cheltenham, and if forecasts are to be believed then it is going to get colder. It has been like this in England throughout the last fortnight. All this when people might be using an air conditioner back in India. It is not for nothing that nature inspires several genres of music, and it is more powerful than anything I’ve known. Dare I say anything against nature, and I’ll be reminded of the year I’m breathing in right now.

The other night it was -9 degree celsius, and what ever amount of time I was out (which was hardly a five minute walk from the coach stop to my house) I felt like dying. Like just kill myself and end the shivering. But it’s been snowing quite a lot here, and that is something I have never experienced before. So finally I could put facebook timeline to some good use this time. I ordered that shitty social network site to remember the day when snow happened to me for the very first time.

I’ll leave you all with some pictures of the area right outside my apartment. Now I know why they’ve named the place Bliss Apartments. I was really lazy to get out and click better snaps, especially on the other day when it was snowing like crazy. More pictures some other time. For now let’s have those umbrellas out.

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Singer Whitney Houston passes away

Singer Whitney Houston has passed away. She was the voice behind some of the most romantic songs ever written. And the lyrics of her tracks can make any body go weak in the knees, no matter what generation you belong to.

Being a strong believer of emotions, be it love or hate, I have always fallen back on music to give me the strength to keep moving forward.  Being in love and after spending some wonderful moments together, more often than not people end up changing themselves with time by giving in to the valueless demands of life. Every promise made just evaporates, leaving countless questions unanswered. Each of us has to stop breathing one day, and none of us are going to carry anything after that. Hence nothing, ever, should be placed above the sacredness of love.

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Besides all the other songs that always kept my beliefs alive within me, there is one particular song which was sung by this lady who is no longer with us. I’ll leave you all with the song (originally performed by Dolly Parton) that holds the power to remind me of some one and puts me in a hypnotic state every single time I play it. Only Whitney Houston could perform the lines on ‘I Will Always Love You’ that way. Because, in a world that is fast moving towards a befitting end, where those small little unspoken things have no value, such strong words are easier said than done and she made them sound absolutely believable.

Rest in peace, Whitney. And, thank you for touching my life in so many ways.

10, Grosvenor House

To begin with I don’t miss my country, but I miss my family and my friends. Cheltenham, where I’m going to be at for a good 11 months, is a town in Gloucestershire county. In comparison to the Indian cities I’ve stayed in the place ain’t big so I assume I would not get lost at any point, even if I were drunk. But nevertheless it is too well organized, amazingly planned and most importantly it is beautiful. Eventually everything would be up here on the zine. Amidst all the cultural differences and not-too-crowded bylanes the weather here is irresistibly cold. But then one gets used to everything in life, right? If we are disappointed with someone, and we are able to dust ourselves and move on, which is tough, then a change in weather, environment, surrounding and the like are definitely not ‘issues’. Life should be anything but artificial and a slap once in a while, in any shape or form, is necessary to become aware of what is happening around you.

Al right, so in a week’s time here I’ve already experienced a temperature of zero degrees and have started cooking my own food. 10, Grosvenor House. That’s where I’m having a time of my life, and its contrary to what the name might suggest to you. Let me take you through the residence. Cheltenham is known for horse racing and there is an annual festival that happens here some time during the month of March where in this city witnesses a huge influx of tourists. ‘Sources’ told me this same house is rented out for around 800 pounds a night during the fest. Sweet.

Even though you have already seen the interiors I’d still want you to knock the door before coming in. You never know what I’m indulging myself in!

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