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Six must-watch metal festivals and concerts in UK this year

Gigs keep happening every other weekend in England, but then there are a few exclusive ones that should not be missed. Here’s a list of six metal events that are going to shake United Kingdom to its foundations.

1. Destroyers of the Faith 2012 featuring Cannibal Corpse, Triptykon, Enslaved and Job For A Cowboy

The season kicks off with Destroyers of the Faith 2012. The gigantic death metal owners Cannibal Corpse are going to headline this event organized by none other than Metal Hammer. Supporting them would be this ass-kicking doom metal band from Switzerland Triptykon, Norwegian black/viking outfit Enslaved and deathcore band Job For A Cowboy. Nice balance of genres, and one gig that should not be missed.

When? – March second week

2. DesertFest 2012, London

Just have a look at the poster. Isn’t it fucking beautiful? The only festival in the world catering to the stoner, doom, psych and sludge metal fans, DesertFest has more than fifty bands playing across three venues. And the bands are not your formed yesterday playing today type. They are the best in the scene and you are sure to feel the pleasure in every corner of your body. That is what these genres do to you. Miss this event at your own risk!

When? – Easter weekend (6th, 7th and 8th April, 2012)

3. I’ll Be Your Mirror 2012, London

As if Slayer‘s presence on the I’ll Be Your Mirror 2012 line up was not enough and now we are told the angry thrashers are going to play the ‘Reign in Blood’ album in its entirety. This event could possibly turn out to be the last gig for many metalheads as a lot of blood is going to be shed but I cannot die here because I have to move on to greener pastures post this event. The next few points would make it clear. I’m excited about all the bands that are playing on day one at I’ll Be Your Mirror. Go on, find out which ones I’m talking about.

When? – 25th, 26th and 27th May, 2012

4. Judas Priest Epitaph tour’s London gig

This is Judas Priest‘s last world tour, so if you’ve missed them somewhere, you’ve just, missed them. But you can still catch the heavy metal awesomeness if you would be in and around London towards the last week of May. This could actually be the last time you will be able to catch Judas Priest live, so make all your other plans either before or after the weekend in question. I know you have nothing better to do so just take my advice and book your tickets.

When? – 26th May

5. Download Festival 2012

Everyone who is even remotely connected to metal cannot be unaware of this name and Download’s one festival that happens every year. Then what is it that makes this mother of all events special this year? It is the festival’s tenth anniversary. The poster pretty much makes it clear what it’s going to be like but I’ll leave it to your imagination to visualize how massive this festival would be. If everything else fails to inspire you then remember that this is the only place where Black Sabbath are going to make an appearance this summer. There is only one word that can be used for those of you who are going to give this festival a miss. And that is stupid. No, it should be STUPID.

When? – 8th, 9th, 10th June, 2012

6. Bloodstock Open Air, 2012

Well, well, well. Words fail me when I look at the Bloodstock Open Air 2012 announcement. One time I think that there is no band that has been left out and another time I wish that they add a few more names. Greedy and needy. It is just March right now and five months down the line the below poster can easily be used to just obliterate the weak. Get into a fight and show the BOA 2012 poster. According to me, Bloodstock this year has some of the most extreme names on it’s bill and would be one of the biggest metal gathering of 2012.

When? – 10th, 11th, 12th August, 2012

I deliberately skipped Sonisphere because it brings me face to face with a dull and unexciting list of bands. I absolutely love Ghost but the organizers of Sonisphere don’t love me. Let’s see how the coming months would affect my decision of not going for this festival that rocked the metal world by bringing together the big four of thrash in 2010.

Other mentions (not metal) – Fans of Red Hot Chili Peppers can catch them in the last week of June, and Pearl Jam maniacs need to attend the second day of Isle of Wight festival so obviously you need to buy the entire day’s ticket and put yourself through the rest of the acts as well. Not cool. Sadly I’m not watching both of these bands, but I just hope Adele plays one show in UK this year. I’ll book my ticket – first day, first show.

For now bookmark this page and pick your gig sensibly. I’ll see you at all six of them.

An Addiction called Themata

There isn’t a last time when I was this excited about anything that had to do with progressive music. So that ways I did not give history a chance to repeat itself. Talking about the ongoing progressive excitement, all ears and eyes should shift to Australian metal band that goes by the name of Karnivool. Oh yes, I forgot to add how much I love my name.

Being a little too open to understanding things have cost me a fucking lot. But every once in a while life has provided me with something to hold on to and bang comes a band that is mind-blowingly progressive, speaks the language of music my way thereby standing tall on my playlist. They even have a name like that. Should I add how mesmerized I am by those rich velvety riffs they play. Beyond awesome material!

Now time for what their music means to me. I have spent a whole week listening to their debut album Themata. Ladies and Gentlemen, as much as I can boast about my music collection I have never, I repeat never, spent a week playing any album by any band. Times have been tough. Despite of that Karnivool has given me a giant hug, made me feel like I have put on weight, knocked me out of my senses, forced me to forget all the worthless women I have dated so far, even allowed me to like my job and most importantly they make me want to live my life to the fullest. I promise that it would be a song from Themata that’ll be played first in my new car, whenever I buy one.

Their second offering Sound Awake is also on my playlist but I will be able to enjoy it only after I take a break from Themata, which is not happening anytime soon. Here’s some scoop. The band and hence their debut have been so effective that they have assured me of making even my dead body croon along with them. In memory of an entire week that I spent listening to them I’d be celebrating 8th – 13th of May every year as Karnivool week. Every drop from the lake of their debut Themata has been holy water to me. I love you, Karnivool…!

Dhwani Prayog

(l to r) : me, ajitabh, nilesh, rohini, ashwini

This goes back to early-2009. Apart from being a part of my existence, Dhwani Prayog also helped me divert from the arid life of software industry. They are a fusion/experimental band based out of Pune and had me doing the percussions. My last stint with drumming at any level ended with this band. Fans of Indian Ocean might just get blown away by their music as Dhwani Prayog is heavily inspired by them. As for the metalheads I doubt whether there is anything I can provide for you with this one.

Random (re)Discovery #4 – Direwolf

With nothing much to feel excited about in the black metal scene nowadays there is something I have been playing quite a lot off-late and would want to recommend. Hailing from United States, Direwolf is the name of the band and Beyond the Lands of Human Existence is the album. Everything handled by this one man – Mike Lerner who also does the guitars for Behold… The Arctopus, the album directly hit that area of me which was lying inactive due to an increased dependency on the music that sealed my belief in metal.

Before this album seems like just another release I’ll clarify that the genre here is technical progressive black metal. I have not come across anything that sounded like this before and I am three years late. Released in 2007, it took seven fucking years for the completion of this album and each of the nine tracks make it easier to digest this fact. Carefully hear the album and see the production cast a spell over you. From what I feel Direwolf is a sexy name for a band and the kind of black metal we are given access to here is just hair-raising.

Hammering the Gods

Bought a digipak of Seven Churches recently. Its the debut album of death/thrash metal band Possessed that was released in 1985. I would not say anything about this classic evil release. Download it if you still haven’t. Thought of sharing this tantalizing package that Century Media Records chose to call The Ultimate Edition, and I could not agree less.

This is the front cover. Apart from the killer logo that represents Possessed, the glossy feel of the box makes it even more irresistible.

The first unfold has seven priests getting ready to headband and on the adjacent side there is the band themselves staring at me or is it the other way around?

Another turn and there are seven churches present. Well this could be the only place where such a thing is possible but only until they are put to shame once the album begins playing.

The digipak has been designed in such a way that once opened completely it takes the shape of an inverted cross. No, I’m not done yet. There is a little something else left too.

Zoomed in a bit to admire the compact disc.

The inlay.

The center page of the inlay. The 20 page inlay contains lyrics, old photos, liner notes, flyers, etc.

These are a set of seven separate inlays that this edition claims can be folded to form seven separate small paper churches. Haven’t done that yet.

And for all of this I paid just seven hundred bucks. Its prayer time for you, rush! while I blast this and make it difficult for you to find your god.

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Random (re)Discovery #3 – Ghost Brigade

ghost brigade, finland

Yeah its time for the next recommendation and this time I was forced to do it. It all began when this friend of mine forwarded me a mail containing one track of the band which is in line for some heavy praise right now – Ghost Brigade. The song goes by the name Secrets Of the Earth, and I haven’t stopped listening to it ever since. Ghost Brigade is a Finnish melodic metal band with five members, and two albums to their credit. Wanting to know about the band that made this track led me to download their second album Isolation Songs since it contained the same track and hey its not that they have made just one awesome track but the entire album induces the right sentiments for me.

isolation songs cover

If only everything on this planet was melodic but never mind, I can make do with such gifted metal bands producing my kind of music. Within a day of downloading their second album and after hearing it close to half a dozen times in entirety I downloaded the first album Guided By Fire too. Although I did not hook up to Guided By Fire as badly as I did to Isolation Songs, the debut album is also unsurprisingly good. It seemed as if I was waiting for a band with a sound like this to come along. So for people who do not have the right mail to guide them to Ghost Brigade should go through the band’s discography in order. So when they are hearing the last release and the band’s second they would probably respect Ghost Brigade more than I do at the moment.

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Random (Re)Discovery #2 – Legacy Of Evil

If you are in the mood for black metal and do not know what needs to be downloaded or bought now you can get in touch with me. In matters as crucial as black metal I trust only myself. By the time you pass this off as over confidence I’ll go and hear the only black metal band from Turkmenistan. Continue reading for this time’s recommendation where I provide a kickass album from my black metal archives.

Limbonic Art is not your ordinary another black metal band. If you haven’t heard them then you should. Those of you into Limbonic Art know the revolution that is Moon In The Scorpio. While you recall the last time you played the album I’ll recommend you to get their 2007 offering Legacy Of Evil. This album is fast, dark and more evil. Those looking for that Moon In The Scorpio synth work will find less of it here.

Legacy Of Evil tells you not everyone can play black metal the way it should be played and not everyone can be the force that is Limbonic Art.

Random (Re)Discovery #1 – Defiant Imagination

I am someone who is dependent on music and a lot at that. And hence I decided to introduce something wherein I can recommend – a band, an album, an artist or maybe a song – randomly. It could be something I discovered just yesterday and has made me crap in my boxers or maybe something I rediscovered now.

The recommendation that probably nailed the inspiration behind this topic is this album named Defiant Imagination by Canadian death metallers Quo Vadis [official site]. First heard this band about two years ago but back then I had lots on my plate. It slipped my mind then, but it was only last week that I heard it again. Those of you who are slow at accepting recommendations, just download and play the track Silence Calls The Storm from the mentioned album. Period.

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