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Ep review : Death is Complete (2011) – Urgehal

album : Death is Complete

artist : Urgehal

genre : Black Metal

year : 2011

A black metal Ep coming directly from Norway could not have gone so haywire. Urgehal, formed in 1992 who have come out with six albums until 2009 released the second Ep of their career – Death is Complete in 2010. Uncalculated riffs rotating along with ineffective rawness has only harmed their music on this Ep. The point behind them releasing just two tracks for an Ep traps them in the new unenjoyable direction they seem to be taking. I do not know how my fellow true norwegian black metal fans would react to Death is Complete with the band choosing to beautify themselves with this muck. They probably could have named the Ep – Career is Complete. There is always a possibility of that happening with a release like this one. But my prayers are with Urgehal, hope to see you guys bounce back with your next.

Rating : 2/5

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