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album review : Svig (2010) – Angantyr

album : Svig

artist : Angantyr

genre : Black Metal

year : 2010

Comfortably channelling his energy towards making raw black metal, Danish one-man band Angantyr has churned out another record to prove his worth. And that one person handling everything around is Ynleborgaz. He has his hands full of projects with another notable one being the ambient black metal band Make a Change… Kill Yourself. Being raw is not a new thing for this musician as can be observed from his work.


So 2010 had Ynleborgaz adding another album to his Angantyr discography. Svig has six lengthy tracks that impart the light that many who aren’t into black metal refuse to observe. This release is dark, black and everything but Angantyr has produced darker and blacker stuff before. To me Svig works well for a reason that the tracks help shun the broad daylight around, encapsulating me so I can relax. On the whole, in the black metal galaxy Svig has it’s stem well inside the ground but can be uprooted by several other releases easily. But my word for all those of you who have not heard Angantyr before – you should!

Rating : 3/5

album review : Erebos (2010) – Hate

album : Erebos

artist : Hate

genre : Death/Black Metal with Industrial influence

year : 2010

In Greek mythology Erebos represents the personification of darkness and shadow, which is filled in all the corners and crannies of the world. And Polish band Hate are strangely similar to the defined personification. Hailing from the same country as Behemoth and Vader, Hate has been promulgating the the emotion since 1990. Their seventh full-length Erebos is ready to blast and you ought to get it.

Erebos has ten tracks, and the intro is acoustic with some strumming. As Behemoth and Hate started their careers at almost the same time and decided to play almost the same genre their sound is difficult to distinguish. Soon after the album began playing it was easier to notice the similarity. But then the industrial metal impression that Hate has, along with the blast beats and twin guitar invasion does the trick. The rhythm section and lead together strengthen the tracks.

On several tracks the band is less ‘brutal’ and this is seen happening more in the second half of the album. To summarize, Erebos is an apartment that has been rented out by these black/death metallers, and it is made sure the tenants run out of the place after knowing the kind of hatred the band is referring to.

Key tracksLux Aeterna, Rinity Moons, Hero Cults, HexagonyLuminous Horizon

Rating : 3.5/5

Ep review : Annihilation Process (2010) – Violator

ep : Annihilation Process

artist : Violator

genre : Thrash Metal

year : 2010

Brazil has been the hub of thrash metal ever since the time there was a need for bands to play more of this genre. Trust me if you have not experienced Brazilian thrash, and it is not just Sepultura I am talking about, then you have not lived enough thrash. Violator is just one of them and they debuted in 2002. Representative of a new era of thrash, Violator picked themes that have always been pets of the genre. Collaborating for a lot of split releases they have had just one full-length before. Annihilation Process is their second Ep.

Riffing on the seven tracks of the Ep is furious and the band should get for being so brutally honest to thrash metal. The vocals aren’t tampered, the speed hasn’t been compromised on, the solos are nasty and the bass lines are thumping. Even the Executor cover You’ll Come Back Before Dying does complete justice to the original version. It is the old school quality of Violator that makes it difficult to avoid the band. Not that there is a need to.

From what I remember I fell for this band even before I heard any of their songs back then, as their logo was effective enough.  With this Ep the only issue I have is that there are seven tracks and that is a little too much for an Ep. Musically the record has everything that I wanted from them, now only they can tell me what could be better.

Rating : 4/5

album review : In War and Pieces (2010) – Sodom

album : In War and Pieces

artist : Sodom

genre : Thrash/Black Metal

year : 2010

Would you miss a Sodom release for anything in the world? Not that you would not, but you just should not deprive yourself of some German metal that sounds like this. Since 1981 Sodom has been narrating their story and they have managed to shatter the windows and stop the traffic. After repeatedly playing Sodom‘s thirteen album In War and Pieces I feel the band is still in their teenage years ready to take on anything.

Released in two Cds, In War and Pieces has twenty one songs in all. A complete delight for a fan of thrash metal, there are ten live tracks in the second cd that had formed the band’s playlist in Wacken Open Air 2007. Getting amazed by the tracks on the first cd is all you can do as Sodom‘s aggression cannot be controlled and their speed cannot be reduced. Vocalist Thomas Such has fronted the band since its inception and twenty nine years later too the man is provocative.

The fine line between thrash metal and dark elements in their music is made thicker on this album. As has always been a trait of the band their music is not misleading this time around too with tracks dedicated to their genre. Solos have been belted without any selfishness. Take for instances HellfireNothing Counts More Than BloodStorm Raging Up, Knarrenheinz. The cover art is the only aspect that I could not digest.

All set to complete thirty years of their existence in 2011, Sodom can still give any band a run for their money and In War and Pieces is worth all your money.

Rating : 4/5

album review : Road Salt One (2010) – Pain of Salvation

album : Road Salt One

artist : Pain of Salvation

genre : Progressive Metal/Rock

year : 2010

There is an outburst of emotions on the seventh studio album of progressive metal/rock band Pain of Salvation. Considering Road Salt One this is one half of the two-part release, Road Salt Two is going to be something to watch out for in early-2011. Pain of Salvation is a band that isn’t prone to mistakes if we go by their catalogue of albums. Switching smoothly between progressive metal and rock they have had albums that has branded them as a one of a kind band.

With a razor sharp method of playing their instruments the band incorporates various layers of vocal effects too. The second half of the album is more oriented towards  hardcore progressive rock fans, and more stress on the terms ‘hardcore’ and ‘progressive rock’. My picks from the album would be SistersLinoleum and Where It Hurts, Innocence.

India is getting closer to Pain of Salvation‘s debut gig here happening in January 2011 and listening to Road Salt One live would shake everyone. Fans of the band will find it hard to spot the least likeable tracks on the album. A good release that is worth several spins.

Rating : 3/5

album review : Astron Black and the Thirty Tyrants (2010) – Nightfall

album : Astron Black and the Thirty Tyrants

artist : Nightfall

genre : Black/Gothic Metal

year : 2010

Nightfall is that time of the day that immediately follows sunset, and this black/gothic metal band from Greece does not cater to the meaning. Or maybe they do not intend to. Whatever it is, this review is to throw some light over their 2010 release Astron Black and the Thirty Tyrants. Formed in 1991 the band is signed to Metal Blade Records. Let Metal Blade bother about the signing, and let me get on with the review.

Nightfall has always been a strange band and understanding their average music is something I do not want to stress upon. When I play Astron Black and the Thirty Tyrants I do not find anything where I can actually clap. There is nothing that has not been heard or not been done somewhere else, or it this got to do with me listening to a lot of black metal? Either way, I’ll keep this short.

Astron Black and the Thirty Tyrants has twelve tracks. A bogus intro leads to some tracks where I do not know what to concentrate upon, as no part of them is phenomenal. If you think an album should be heard because it has only one or two worthy tracks then The Criterion and Proxima Centawri – Dead Bodies await you on this album. The solos on the tracks get them the respect.

Dark gothic music, if done well can give one a very different kind of trip and sadly Nightfall falls flat on the face while trying to attempt this over and again. On Astron Black and the Thirty Tyrants the band has tried real hard to sound grand but I can only sympathize with them.

Rating : 2/5

album review : Necrocosmos (2010) by Nahemoth

album : Necrocosmos

artist : Nahemoth

genre : Black Metal

year : 2010

Blood of Kingu, Drudkh, Raventale, Darktrance, Hate Forest, and Kroda are some of my favorite artists from Ukraine. So when I bumped into Nahemoth from the same country it was more like wanting to check out the band than just hearing it as a new release. Nahemoth writes some material that can be called original in its own way but well not that alluring. This is their debut release and its named Necrocosmos.

Necrcosmos has nine tracks. The intro to the album is Ya! Zat-i Shaitan!. It is one and a half minutes long and has an arabic touch to it. Bands from Ukraine can be found to have a lot of such stuff where they make use of something or the other to produce music – instrument or not. Track two is the longest at almost eleven minutes. The moment Ad Majorem Satani Gloriam plays we have a drum machine partnering with the guitars providing some ominous music. The track ends with some chanting. Track three is Ñèÿíèÿ Îìåãè Áåçìîëâíûé Æíåö and the apocalypse of the previous track is carried forward.

Nahemoth is a one-man band by Ayzen Kaoz and all the guitars, bass, programming and vocals is done by him. The album is in Russian and so are the names. Track four is slow in pace initially with an epic sad feel, it then grows faster. It is named Ïîòîìêè Ðàñû Íåôåëèìîâ – Íàõåìîò. Via Infernali is an acoustic track of two minutes. As we move ahead the evil factor of the album is seen ascending and there are variations done on the vocals too.

The flow of the album somehow grips the listener as the guitar has been tuned to get a desired sound. And with Mater Daemonum we are looking at the best track yet. Title track Necrocosmos has some black metal sirens waking you up. Some backgrounds effects have been provided too. The album concludes with  Õîëîäíûõ Âîëíàõ Áåçâðåìåíüÿ where Ayzen shows he knows what he wants from the instruments.

ayzen kaoz

I believe underground bands should try and work on making black metal differently with numerous elements that can be considered original and are still genre driven. Necrocosmos has dark moments and then there are some uniform ones too. Still, for a one-man project Necrocosmos is a rumbling start.

Rating : 3/5

album review : Blood of the Nations (2010) – Accept

album : Blood of the Nations

artist : Accept

genre : Heavy Metal

year : 2010

German bands are releasing some really powerful albums this year, and as a fan of metal I could not have possibly wanted to lose these moments. Every metal artist around the world is keen on entering the studio and are going beyond their greatest extents to jolt the fans. The year has been fantastic and there is more to come. Even a band like Accept having been in hibernation for fourteen years has made such an orgasmic comeback that fans need not pine for heavy metal anymore. Formed in 1968, the band has eleven albums under them and are certainly enjoying their space up there amongst the legends. Their new release Blood of the Nations might take you by surprise as the energy is infectious.

Thirteen tracks combine to form a monstrous album Blood of the Nations. The first riff itself has a story to tell and has an interesting name to it – Beat the Bastards. This track has a classic sound to it and the album is going to be a rewarding expedition. Upbeat riffing by Wolf Hoffmann and Herman Frank with balanced amounts of heaviness and melody wins your heart. There are oodles of solos and every ticking second of the album has the stringed instruments melting you. To know what I mean check out the tracks The Abyss, Shades of Death and Teutonic Terror.

The title track Blood of the Nations will have you in high spirits as. Time Machine, Kill the Pain and No Shelter will help you leave all your troubles behind as it is a very comforting development on the album. Slow on pace and angelic in feel, the tracks bond well with the listener. Tenth track Pandemic is the only unoriginal track on Blood of the Nations. Except for the solo at the end we have been through tracks having a similar riffing and semblance.

Mark Tornillo joined the band in 2009 as the vocalist and he shines the most on Rolling Thunder, New World Comin’, Bucket Full of Hate and Locked and Loaded.

I am in love with the album cover and with Blood of the Nations we are looking at the heavy metal album of the year. Unless some other band decides to give their music more than a hundred percent they cannot beat these old musicians. Accept is on fire and they want you to burn along with them.

Rating : 4/5

album review : Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa (2010) – Cradle of Filth

album : Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa

artist : Cradle of Filth

genre : Extreme Gothic Metal

year : 2010

A sigh of relief can be breathed by all those of you who hoped that one day Cradle of Filth would be back. Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa is their tenth album that they produced after a much needed gap of two years. Their seventh album Nymphetamine was the last time I made an effort for Filth and the next one named Thornography had me acting deaf to anything they played. Ninth release was in 2008 named Godspeed on the Devil’s Thunder. Although it was not as contaminated as the previous one it still lacked adequate amount of filth. But this time team Cradle of Filth has sit down and come up with another dark fairytale album and the band is definitely working on their weaknesses.

The revival has been released in two cds with a total of 15 tracks on them. Track one The Cult Of Venus Aversa begins with some keyboard work and female voice-over. It can be instantly sensed that this is going to be an orchestral ride. Trampling blast beats accompanied by Dani‘s windy screeches escort the fast keyboards. At over seven minutes the opening song is the longest. Successive track is One Foul Step from the Abyss and this one too is an acquaintance of fast riffing alongside some well crafted dark ambience, courtesy the keyboards.

Track three The Nun with the Astral Habit sticks to a similar routine but Dani is hands down the most unique vocalist in the genre. No matter how bad Filth went in the last five to six years, Dani made sure his vocals remain memorable. Tracks start sounding interwoven as Retreat of the Sacred Heart, Lilith Immaculate also feel like an extended version of the other tracks played till now but track five The Persecution Song‘s intro grabs you. Few minutes into it and the monotonous touch returns but it is not tiring to hear the album evolve.

Drumrolls and bang opens Deceiving Eyes, and things get groovy. The guitarists have taken it upon themselves to nail the tracks. Backing vocals have been cleverly fused to push up the emotional quotient. The band is seen pressing the accelerator on Harlot on a Pedestal, Forgive Me Father (I Have Sinned), Beyond Eleventh Hour and Behind the Jagged Mountain.

Mistress from the Sucking Pit is an average song and has been dragged for seven mintues. Keyboard has again become vital in the band and the tracks that bend the regular rules of playing the instrument are The Persecution Song, The Spawn Of Love and War, Beast of Extermination and Truth & Agony.

Dani Filth has also acquired a new look for this album and maybe that was the only change needed by the band. Hats off to Cradle of Filth for pulling-off Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa. After the longest period of time I can finally raise my horns in agreement with their music and considering its coming from their old fan, Cradle of Filth has finally managed to strike the right deal. Extreme Gothic Metal is the new in thing.

Rating : 4/5

album review : A Cult of Negation (2010) – Nocturnal Depression

album : A Cult of Negation

artist : Nocturnal Depression

genre : Depressive Black Metal

year : 2010

The genre of depressive black metal has a lot of haters primarily because bands choosing to stay true to this form of music forget to get a good production. They get so drowned in sorrow that sometimes their tracks seem to have been recorded for personal consumption. Talking about Nocturnal Depression, they too have walked through all of this but in their case the music was disturbing and that pretty much made up for most of the shitty recording.

Turning a blind eye was just not an option when I heard their demo Suicidal Thoughts and album Nostalgia – Fragments of a Broken Past amongst their other releases. But now when they have finally decided to give a damn about decent recording for their new album A Cult of Negation their lamenting has had an impact. The album contains six tracks with names that strictly follow the norms of the genre but the content doesn’t.

Credo Negativo is a very routine track and I’ll have to turn off the lights to set in the mood. Track number 2 has been picked up from Varg‘s work. Burzum has already done all this. Tracks like the fourth Home Asylum and the last one The Cult of Negation are not the ones I expect to see on a depressive band’s fourth full-length. That’s like letting someone go after committing four murders.

With everything said, track three – We’re All Better Off Dead and track 5 – Dead Children do pile up the grief. Both of them seem like one step up from some of their previous good works. But do they make up for the entire album? – No, as the other four tracks are just not in the same league.

Not many depressive band have come this far though. A Cult of Negation is their best album in terms of recording but they have produced seriously depressive stuff in the past. Nocturnal Depression has been promising and they can be trusted some more in spreading the negative force which for many like me works wonders.

Rating : 2.5/5

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