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Maiden Snowfall

It is -2 degree celsius here in Cheltenham, and if forecasts are to be believed then it is going to get colder. It has been like this in England throughout the last fortnight. All this when people might be using an air conditioner back in India. It is not for nothing that nature inspires several genres of music, and it is more powerful than anything I’ve known. Dare I say anything against nature, and I’ll be reminded of the year I’m breathing in right now.

The other night it was -9 degree celsius, and what ever amount of time I was out (which was hardly a five minute walk from the coach stop to my house) I felt like dying. Like just kill myself and end the shivering. But it’s been snowing quite a lot here, and that is something I have never experienced before. So finally I could put facebook timeline to some good use this time. I ordered that shitty social network site to remember the day when snow happened to me for the very first time.

I’ll leave you all with some pictures of the area right outside my apartment. Now I know why they’ve named the place Bliss Apartments. I was really lazy to get out and click better snaps, especially on the other day when it was snowing like crazy. More pictures some other time. For now let’s have those umbrellas out.

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