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Twenty Five

More than yesterday, less than tomorrow

Sitting here and doing a retropspective diagnosis of my life is not me anymore. Twenty eleven ruled for only one reason and that is this blog crossed a lakh hits, went dot-com and my mailbox began overflowing with demos, albums and teasers of bands across the globe. My only grouch is I could not write about every one of those bands that wanted to build a bond with this webzine. But I want to say one thing to each of those bands – I’m hearing, and it’s just that my job and my passion aren’t the best of pals.

Twenty Twelve looks plump as professionally its going to be different from the last three years. Implying I’d be leaving the country for a good one year. New place, new work and I couldn’t have been happier. That directly connotes that there is lots more to follow, right here on Absurd History. Stay tuned.

And, the slideshow below shows some multifarious moments I managed to capture when the three of us ushered the new years together – Me, Peter and Scot. Happy new year. To you and your foes.

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One Lakh Hits

The blog completes a lakh hits, with a total of 272 articles that I’ve written for my blog till date. Turn your eyeballs towards your right and stare at the Countdown to infinity widget.

Like I had promised myself, and today since the blog has crossed the one lakh mark, Absurd History has now gone dot com.

Thank you all for reading!

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album review : Day of Reckoning (2011) – Destruction

album : Day of Reckoning

artist : Destruction

genre : Thrash Metal

year : 2011

Basing themselves in Germany, thrash metal maniacs Destruction have never gone unheard. They abide by the rules of making metal for the sake of keeping it real and might I add they make thrash metal the way it should be done. Day of Reckoning has eleven speed-worshipping tracks that have been done for the betterment of thrash metal. Marcel Schirmer sings (or rather, speaks) devotedly helping his band-mates to think faster. Mike Sifringer pulls his guitar and works along with Vaaver who makes the sponsors of his kit fucking proud. Waging themselves in a war against religion, the riffing and soloing reminds you that there is only one religion – music. The album cover could have done with less bling on it but who cares, at least they know how to keep the contents of the compact disc tight. This is Destruction‘s eleventh album and they should just continue, probably they haven’t yet reached where they want to go. There can be only band like Destruction, like there can be only one blog like Absurd History. Be a part of this tribute that Destruction pays to extreme aggression.

Rating : 3.5/5

Fifty Grands

Never had I thought there would be a time when I’d feel paralyzed without a pen and a paper. Nor had I imagined that I would not be able to survive without scrutinizing my mind to think beyond the ordinary. While today is no special day for the rest, I consider this as one of the best. These fifty thousand hits have not come easy…

I define writing as letting myself loose so the mind can wander about and bring me back such situations that not only hold true to what I am trying to express but also look at life upfront. Although I kept metal – the genre – as the base theme for the blog, there have been several other articles I have thoroughly enjoyed putting down and sure derived a lot of pleasure from. Trying to review everything under the sun helped me broaden. Full-length albums, Eps, demos, teasers, gigsfilms, documentaries, gadgets, et cetera.

Occasional polls, photographs, interactions, interviews kept it going and quite a few of the articles had also risen from my misanthropic nerves allowing me to not beat around the bush when talking hatred. I just love to hate, thanks to my experiences which push me to keep the abomination uncensored and first-rate.

Definitely not someone who believes in hiding anything from my readers I dedicate the next few lines to my own fucking self. In the course of last one year or rather since the time I had stopped forcing myself to write there have been some revelations that need to be documented. First amongst them (and sadly enough) I realized I was the only one in the world who had not watched Simpsons. Trying to ignore what you read would be a sweet gesture, as I was also made aware that free porn sites did exist. *explosions and bright lights*

I think that would be enough to make your day.

Absurd History – the blog – was registered by me on 28th of November, 2009 on wordpress. The first three articles that came on the same day go like this : poetic tribute to Kryptos, review of Workshop’s debut album Khooni Murga (2009), Great Indian Rock XIII (2009) – Bangalore leg review. As of today this piece that you are reading is the 183rd topic here.

I salute the readers. I salute the subscribers. I salute the supporters. The rest of them will reach here soon. There isn’t more to life than being absurd, and this term has a lot more to it than just what it actually means.

Cheers and keep reading,
Itihas Shetty

Reek Of Triumph

As much as I think I should not be a misanthrope, the alarming rate at which human beings change their behavior forces me to be one – a misanthrope. Well that is not the purpose of this post though. This one is to remind myself of the fact that I completed 15000+ hits on the blog. Thank you all for reading. For me it is something extraordinary and more so because I have stopped spamming shamelessly as much as I used to. I assumed that the web space given to me by the social websites are only serving the purpose of publishing my updates whenever I have something new to write about. That phase has passed by and it feels good. Discovering the magic of words has kept things going and it only gets better. I hope to continue writing till i am declared an immortal n then I can continue even more.

Just to focus on the subscription option available at the bottom of the page, you can get updates about new articles by entering your email address in the cuadrangular box present.

I have been on facebook forever now and it only made sense to create a page where I am able to interact more with people who like reading and reach out to those people who might not have known about the blog. So the same was created that goes by the name Absurd History representing the blog. The world wide web address for the page is : Absurd History – facebook page.

The usual practice is to like the page if you think its worth your time so you know about articles from the blog from time to time. Those reading this and are accustomed to what I am referring to have just now liked something on facebook before coming to this page so its something like been only there and done only that kind of a thing for them, but for others who still are understanding the nuances of facebook this page would have a like option and you are expected to click it to show your liking or maybe just ignore and directly come here. All three of the alternatives would be appreciated.

And just to end this post I would say calling the Absurd History group on facebook a fan page is totally not my idea.

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