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film review : Aashayein (2010)

A certain breed of film-makers in Bollywood believe in making films solely because it has a good story to tell, a couple of lessons to teach and some social messages to pass. Nagesh Kukunoor would be a proud member of that club and he sure would be satisfied when he has to look around at the kind of movies being made. If Iqbal talked about a deaf and mute boy chasing his dreams to be a apart of Indian cricket squad, Dor brought together two women from different backgrounds and how they emotionally come to each other’s rescue. Sure he has had his share of mistakes but then who does not make mistakes.

Aashayein, although had weak promos, was something I had decided to watch when I first saw the teaser on television. The reason being Kukunoor‘s storytelling and secondly the name of the film. Aashayein translates to hopes and the movie provides loads of it. The film opens with Rahul (John) shown betting on a India vs. New Zealand match putting all of his chick Nafisa‘s (Sonal) savings on the line. This is where we are introduced to his addiction to smoking. A big win and a couple of celebrations later we come to know that Rahul is suffering from cancer that arises due to smoking and has just three months to live. Not being able to bear the fact that his girlfriend has to suffer due to his condition, Rahul packs off to this particular hospice where people basically spend the last moments of their life.

Here Rahul meets other important characters of the film, who have their own problems and issues and the only common thing in all their lives is the fact that they are all dying. Padma (Anaitha) is a seventeen year old girl who is full of hatred and wants to experience love. Parthasarthi (Girish Karnad) is another resident who has lost his voice due to throat cancer and a veteran natural actor that Girish is, he pulls off his role without effort.

Farida Jalal plays the part of an HIV positive woman named Madhu and it is through her character that Kukunoor wishes to clear certain wrong notions to do with AIDS. Govinda (Ashwin Chitale) is a kid who becomes a spiritual savior for Rahul and adds more dimension to his motionless life. The screen is rekindled everytime Rahul interacts with any of these characters who share the hospice with him.

A simple movie like Aashayein that does not boast of a big budget, has lesser known actors, and isn’t noisy is always walloped and rated less by the brainless critics. By the way these are the same critics who chose to praise a trash like My Name is Khan. Anyway, Aashayein is an uncomplicated film and does not bore you. Watch it for its lively moments and make sure you catch the movie before it is forced to leave the theatres. And that is going to happen soon as it has already been declared a flop.

Rating : 3.5/5

movie review : Khatta Meetha (2010)

The release of Khatta Meetha makes certain things clear. There is no need of a script, there is no need of actors, music can be anything that can just classify to be called music, background score need not be in sync with what is happening in the scene, direction can be equivalent to a newborn learning how to shit, and the sequences through the movie need not be interlinked. Priyadarshan is on a movie making spree and that could be probably because he needs to meet a certain target before he gives up. But uncle please spare us.

Is he the same film-maker who made Hera Pheri, Hungama, Hulchul? The king of situational comedy gifted with a good sense of cinematic humor makes even proven comics like Johnny Lever and Rajpal Yadav look like fools. Lever does a bizzare role of a driver of a road-roller. And his act in this movie is like a threat to all his previous works. Even Makrand Deshpande has been wasted. Not one moment or part of the movie is worth mentioning. The movie was more like a torture to me and I wish I had carried some cyanide along with me.

need a nose-job

The only face worth remembering on my way back home was that of Urvashi Sharma who has been presented non-glamorously. And if I have not talked about the lead pair, let me make it clear that Trisha has nothing to do in the movie so I really do not know whether she can act or not, and Akshay Kumar irritates you so much that you would rather prefer to call up someone in the middle of the movie and distract yourself. Akshay Kumar has done worse movies though. Remember brain-fucking Chandni Chowk To China?

Khatta Meetha is a noisy lavatory and it does not even do so much as to let you take a peaceful dump. Avoid!

Rating : 1/5

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movie review : Raajneeti (2010)

Raajneeti (meaning politics) manages to turn back and kick all the bollywood movies that released this year for telling them the sheer meaning of serious cinema. Prakash Jha has a fabulous record of making films that revolve around politics and this time around its on a bigger scale. Raajneeti is an edge of the seat political thriller, and considering it is a serious genre there are no songs to spoil the flow. The movie is loosely based on Mahabharatha, and infact whatever has been adapted fits well. Power packed performances, a super tight plot, thrilling screenplay and some thought over editing has made the final product worth your time and money.

There is no comparison between movies made under different genres but Prakash Jha weaves all that needs to be included in a film. Rivalry, heartbreak, success, failure, power game, huge rallies presented in a way that is believable. Ajay Devgan, who otherwise plays the best part in all of Jha‘s films plays a comparatively short role in Raajneeti. Everyone from Arjun to Katrina act well, Ranbir once again proves that he is indeed a good actor, Nana Patekar speaks less but controls most of the things, and Manoj Bajpai steals the show. Raajneeti is a must watch bollywood movie of 2010, and it is extremely indulging with a pace that will make the otherwise weighty movie seem like a three hour breeze.

Rating : 4/5

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