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music review : Don 2 (2011)

It’s boring electronic music all over the soundtrack of Farhan Akhtar‘s upcoming directorial venture Don 2. The Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy trio should not have given up on their strengths, and that is the use of core instruments. Everyone has heard the Don theme, and how he wants to screw everyone’s case and be on top. Here, on the Don 2 album too he keeps raving about the same thing. That no one can get hold of his dick, no one can fuck him in the ass, no one can drill a nail into his forehead and the like. Even the women dancing around him are saying the same bloody lines. So, there is no music happening on Don 2, there are no hard-hitting songs, no romantic lyrics, no item numbers, nothing. In fact, every song is a blowjob to Mr. Don.

Not a single singer – male or female – stands apart or does anything worth mentioning. Veteran lyricist Javed Akhtar writes (in Hindi of course) stuff like – Don is back, Don will not spare his enemies, Don will take revenge, Don is a winner, no one can stop Don. Give me a break. One track would have been enough to convey this message and not nine. Maybe the idea was to create a fear in the listener’s mind but they’ve failed.

I’m sure the movie would kick ass in terms of it’s presentation, but right now the only other thing that can save the audiences from being tormented by the tracks used in the movie is the background score. It’s not too late to take care of it, because all the stunts Don would be performing and the coarse attitude he would be bringing alive on the screen would be uninteresting if only electronica shit keeps playing in the background. The chase is set to continue from December 23rd onwards and I’m already feeling gagfucked by the movie’s music.

Rating : 2/5

movie review : Housefull (2010)

Heyy Babyy and now Housefull. Two movies down and Sajid Khan has sealed his identity as a maker of no-brainer comedy flicks, of the type that only he can make.

Housefull (the title has got nothing to do with the movie) is a story about this loser Aarush (Akshay Kumar) who has bad luck written all over him. The movie opens in someplace named Macau. Aarush somehow lands up in all kinds of problems because of his luck and has nothing going for him. Even his chick dumps him stating his bad luck as a reason. Fed up he decides to go stay with his childhood friend Bob (Reteish) in London, who is married to Hetal (Lara). Here we are introduced to Devika (Jiah) who goes on to marry Aarush, only to realize she had other plans. Very conveniently she ditches the born loser.

Situations lead him to meet Sandy (Deepika) and he finally finds the true love he was looking for. But the catch here is Sandy‘s authoritarian brother Krishna Anna (Arjun) who needs to be convinced before taking the vows. In between all this we have Hetal’s estranged pappa (Boman Irani) flying to London to meet his daughter and son-in-law. All of these characters are intertwined to create a furor of comic confusion, and the climax is to prove that the loser is not afterall a loser.

Akshay is ever ready to play such roles, comedy being his forte. Reteish does his part well and he should just stick to multistarrers. Lara Dutta is a non-actor and is very irritating. Always ready to shed off her clothes at the drop of a hat, even in Housefull she is there for the same reason. Not that I’m complaining but I ignore her. Deepika is lovable and there is no need for her to act here. Like I said only her presence is enough. No one cares whether Jiah Khan can act or not as she doesn’t let that aspect matter. She knows she is hot and if given a chance she would do the entire movie in a two-piece. Arjun Rampal plays this serious dude taking everyone’s case, and his role does not demand any acting. Boman Irani as the gujarathi pappa gets to your nerves after a while. He has done better comedy. Suresh Menon is wasted in a short role. The surprise element is Chunkey Pandey as Aakhri Pasta. Quite entertaining.

Housefull is full of situational comedy and should be watched without any expectations. Music does not seem like a Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy creation, although it is. Dialogues have a lot of Sajid Khan in them and are ordinary. Housefull does not have a story, but it has picturesque locales. Watch the movie if you need a reason to laugh for three hours as an excuse for having nothing else to do.

Rating : 2.5/5

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movie review : 3 Idiots (2009)

With its basic plot derived from a best selling Indian book, director Raju Hirani couldn’t have asked for more. This man with brains is real smart. And combining himself with producer Vidhu Chopra is an icing on the cake. The duo have in the very recent past delivered two of the biggest hits Indian cinema has seen. An apt title coupled with some fine actors was enough to pull the crowds even more.



As was with the book (read Five Point Someone) the movie revolves around three main characters – Ranchoddas Chanchad aka Rancho (Aamir Khan), Farhan (Madhavan) and Raju Rastogi (Sharman). The movie begins about 10 years after the characters have finished their engineering. I can relate to their sorrow. I know how it is to become an engineer. The lead in the movie Rancho is lost somewhere and even after 10 years the other two friends do not know of his whereabouts. For a reason they set off to Shimla to search him. Shimla has been very beautifully captured. On their way to Shimla we have a flashback.

Cut to Imperial College of Engineering. Headed by a relentless dean played by Boman Irani (Viru Sahastrabudhhe – Virus), this college is where it all begins. The college flashback sequence takes you through some hilarious scenes. Most notable one being the balatkar speech made by this character Chatur Ramalingam (Omi). This newcomer playing Chatur is promising and makes an impact. Even Raju’s poverty and his paralysed father provide for a couple of laughs. Before we are forced to take a break for pop-corns we are left with a question that builds the other side of interval. Don’t go for this movie expecting the book to be replicated because you will be majorly surprised. Here we have suspense too, and you do not want me to reveal it.

As for me, the three lead characters with an engineering college are the only main things that have been borrowed from the book. A couple of other things like hospitalising Raju, Raju‘s poor family remind you of the novel. Not to forget Bhagat never married his girlfriend from this book. Sob sob.

“scooter has more footage !”

Second half again juggles between present day and flashback. The two friends are still in search of their buddy Rancho and along the way they pick up his girlfriend Pia (Kareena) who was getting married on the same day. I knew this would happen. Anyways talking about Kareena she has been wasted as a pre-medical student who happens to be the dean’s daughter and falls for Rancho. You want to see more of her but are let down. How they end up finding Rancho brings us to the predictable climax.

Talking about the actors in the movie, as is known anything said about Aamir is always less because this perfectionist can play anyone or for that matter anything. He can convince you by playing a boulder. Because emotions talk. His role as Rancho takes you to his Dil Chahta Hai days where he played a 20-something, just that this time he looks younger ! Madhavan and Sharman have done their bits. They couldn’t have been better. As for Kareena we could have done without her. All the other vital roles have been played convincingly by polished actors, be it Boman playing the dean, Parikshit Sahni playing Farhan‘s father or Mona Singh playing Pia‘s sis.

Other important aspects for me include the music, lyrics and background score. Shantanu Moitra binds the scenes together but he has delivered better. His music is well complemented by Swanand Kirkire’s simple and sensible lyrics.

the idiots

But watching Hirani’s third movie will leave you with the same kind of feeling as was with his first two films because when it comes to the emotional scenes its signature Hirani. His films always have some new concept which he tries to repeat throughout the movie so that the audience remembers that once they are out of the cinema hall. The attempt to popularise jaadu ki jhappi through his debut did work as was with gandhigiri through his second movie, this time around it is all izz well. The philosophy is, no matter how fucked you are do not worry because all izz well.

And does the movie live up to all the expectations. Yes, it somewhat does. The 3 Idiots do end up charming you. Watch the movie for some good wholesome entertainment.

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