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Autopsy live at Boltfest, London 2012 : A review in pictures

It was the reign of old school death on this particular evening at Boltfest when Sir Chris Reifert came in with his team of surgeons for a postmortem examination of every head that was to bang along to the music of Autopsy. Seeing is believing. Just to rephrase this a bit, seeing and hearing is believing.

At the count of four given by Sir Reifert on his well-tuned cymbals, Autopsy broke into a frenzy and the music was seen spreading like wildfire across the venue. Sounding exactly like how they do on record, it was amazing to watch Sir Reifert give vocals and smash the drums at the same time. Truly a sight to behold, and this also resulted in the size of mosh-pit growing bigger and bigger with every passing song. Some were seen hitting the next person blindly as they couldn’t believe they were watching Autopsy live. I did not hit anyone though. When a legendary figure in the death metal scene is seen growling with so much passion that his nerves begin to become visible then you just close your eyes and thank your stars for the sight. One cannot review a gig by bands of the likes of Autopsy, one can only share the experience. The band was outright crushing, with all members delivering their absolute best. And I pretty much know that I won’t get to see them again. Alright, have a look at this…

The tracks played by Autopsy at Boltest, London 2012 –

Hand of Darkness
Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay
In the Grip of Winter
Severed Survival
Gasping for Air
Mauled to Death
Charred Remains
Ridden With Disease

I believe Chris Reifert should be knighted. Fuck that shit, I’m still going to address him as ‘Sir’.

This is how it looked when Autopsy struck HMV Forum with their mighty death metal sledgehammer. Click on each to enlarge the photos


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Benediction live at Boltfest, 2012

Vallenfyre live at Boltfest, 2012

The DesertFest day 1 at The Purple Turtle, London

The DesertFest day 2 at The Black Heart, London

The DesertFest day 3 at The Underworld

album review : Macabre Eternal (2011) – Autopsy

album : Macabre Eternal

artist : Autopsy

genre : Death Metal

year : 2011

I have been wanting to visit old school because that is where all the fun is. The out rightly in-your-face music that is not only cool to listen to but also dirty brings out the best in you. The old school management has had American players Autopsy contributing to the rulebook since 1987, but only until 1995 when they decided to hang up. We saw a release directly in 2010 with their Ep The Tomb Within. Although the songs on the Ep did not give me an erection I had a feeling the band has some other plans. So yes, I felt right.

Autopsy‘s fifth full-length Macabre Eternal is here, with the quality of death metal you expect from them. Being one of those bands who speak less and play more (both in terms of quality and quantity), Autopsy has once again proved that they are the band to trust when it comes to performing unclean metal post-mortems. Their first full-length since 1995, Macabre Eternal easily sticks to you in terms of it’s appeal. Even after sixteen years.

Extremely minimal weathering in the way Autopsy plays, or rather in the way they sound. Still I’d have voted for their old sound as it had a soul in itself. Neither their hands nor their instruments have rusted, which pretty much is out there on all their tracks. Chris Reifert is still carrying his signature vocals that makes him identifiable. The tunes are raw, drumming is sorted as well. So they go beyond just providing satisfaction on their new record.

Long live, Autopsy.

Rating :4/5

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