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album review : Crime Always Pays… (2010) – Swashbuckle

album : Crime Always Pays…

artist : Swashbuckle

genre : Thrash Metal

year : 2010

Remember the band that talked about pirates on their last two albums? Thrashers Swashbuckle are back and have retained their favorite subject on this record too. They chose to have the one-eyed pirate stay on their album cover again and this ugly figure can be called Swashbuckle‘s mascot now. Crime Always Pays… is their third album and it released this year.

The album has an unconventional folk-sounding intro named Slowly Wept the Sea and this makes way for a raw thrash track We are the storm. This Round’s on You! is the third track on an album that contains sixteen of them. Probably something that wouldn’t go down well with many listeners, having sixteen tracks is like combining two thrash albums.

Swashbuckle definitely does not have anything that would make you skip your father’s wedding but they are atleast keeping the genre alive. All the time talking about pirates ofcourse. Of Hooks and Hornswogglers and Legacy’s Allure are instrumentals and have been put together well with a complete acoustic setup. Pleasing the listener with a good amount of melody, most of the tracks manage to outshine your expectations.

All in all Swashbuckle is three albums old and have done pretty well for themselves. They are metal enough although the band’s name isn’t. Crime Always Pays… is a grouping together of a lot of melodic thrash tracks and nowhere in between will you say you’ve had enough. Hear them.

Rating : 3/5

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