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album review : Lillie: F-65 (2012) – Saint Vitus

album : Lillie: F-65

artist : Saint Vitus

genre : Doom Metal

year : 2012

The next time someone comes to you and weeps that there is no band in this world that has been consistent, or there is not a single metal act who have not given in to stupid trends that tend to influence them in their career, make sure you hold that person by the neck, rush to the nearest wall and bang their head against it to produce a loud thud. Then make them listen to Saint Vitus.

Just so that you know Saint fucking Vitus are a revolutionary band from California who paved their way to success through chunks of creeping riffs and thought provoking lyrics, making a point and leaving a mark with every song. Today, after seventeen years, Saint Vitus have decided to pour some more wisdom into the closed minds and have yet again laid down the foundations for the upcoming doom metal bands. Originally inspired by Black Sabbath, and that was evident in their music, Saint Vitus have derived only the sound from the said band which was then refined by heavy slabs of their own, thereby setting a benchmark in doom metal that would remembered across generations.

Lillie: F-65 makes up for all the years we’ve had to wait, and how! This album also marks the return of Wino on vocals, and is a celebration of all things pure. Without as much as an ounce of change in their approach, Saint Vitus give you simultaneous orgasms in their own old school fashion. Worrying becomes the least important thing in your life, when a band like them brush aside the dust and still look fresh and prepared. The constant reverb is ever-present on Lillie: F-65, so is their original heart-winning style of songwriting combined with an attitude that only these veterans could possess.

The ambiguous melody keeps you on the edge of your seat which is Saint Vitus‘s strong trait, can be seen on every track from their discography and is no different on Lillie: F-65. The album has its own share of speedy sections, flawlessly executed solos and a deeply indulging envelope of heavy metal that fills every gaping hole there is by the use of crunchy guitar tone, swift movements up and down the speed scales and having a strong hold on the issue in hand. Nobody is in a rush on the record, and so you shouldn’t rush through things too. The album definitely merits several listens, and you’ll see that the album grows on you each time you play it.

Separating out favorites is done for albums that require the audiences to decide whether to pick up the album or not, but in this case it is the entire album’s vibe that make the clouds move faster. Bands come, and bands go but only a notable few are able to give you a dose of life in a way you want it. The return of Saint Vitus with Lillie: F-65 is a sign of good things to come, as the lords of life-pausing doom hit the bull’s eye one more time.

Rating : 4.5/5

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