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album review : Th1rt3en (2011) – Megadeth

album : Th1rt3en

artist : Megadeth

genre : Speed/Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal/Rock

year : 2011

Bang opens the new album by Megadeth, the only other band that deserves to be a part of the big four at the moment alongside Anthrax, with Sudden Death having instant solos that you’ve not heard before. The album name Th1rt3en might not come across as metal, but the daring front-man Dave Mustaine, who owns one of the coldest stares in the  scene, returns with my pick for one of this year’s best heavy/thrash album.

All the thirteen tracks on Th1rt3en are going to make you pop your ears out and place it besides the speakers that are lucky enough to blast Megadeth‘s latest. If you don’t like Mustaine‘s vocals then you need to get a life before you play this one because you have to deal with a lot of it on Th1rt3en. Nobody can sing like him and he is the nobody here! Mustaine‘s voice hasn’t withered one bit, you posers. Not one bit.

Songs where Megadeth is doing things the old way are Public Enemy No. 1, We The People, Black Swan and Deadly Nightshade. Did you complain about no thrash? Oh wait, then you have to hear Whose Life (Is It Anyways?), Never Dead and Fast Lane. In fact Never Dead is fucking speed/thrash in your ugly face. There is nothing out and out thrashy on this record, except some parts here and there, but that’s what is the beauty of mixing heavy and thrash metal.

The best song on the album and quite possibly one of the most kickass metal song of the year is New World Order. Both guitarists are out on a riffing spree and they won’t stop even if you beg them to.

Millennium Of The Blind is like the next edition of A Tout le Monde, with lesser soul in it. Does Megadeth leave any subject untouched or what! Check out the track Guns, Drugs & Money, especially the lyrics.

13, the title track and the last and thirteenth song on the album is, in a nutshell, a teaser for their next record. Watch out for the subtle signals the band gives with the pace and the whole approach towards the song. It’s like they’re saying, ‘You need more new material by Megadeth, wait for our next full-length‘. We’re waiting Dave. Eagerly.

Where your expectations of solos on a heavy metal album ends, that’s where songs on Th1rt3en begin. Dave and co. have sky rocketed in terms of songwriting, controlled compositions, instrument utilization and raping their contemporaries by doing only what is required and doing it the right way. This has been my observation not only on this record but since several of their previous ones.

Off their last few releases, I thought both United Abominations as well as Endgame had mind-blowing content with respect to quality, genre and phase of the band’s career. I give Th1rt3en a rating of 4.5 on 5 which means that I would be playing the album for the remaining part of the year. Cheers Dave, cheers Megadeth! Thank you for these roses on our grave, we are humbled.

Rating : 4.5/5

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Metal Decade for India

Prelude –

Coming December would mark the last month of the decade and such things have never elated me. But this year it would be different. I have been a part of a movement, I have seen it all happen and I feel proud. Rounding up an epic decade for the Indian metal scene are some bands that had to be watched before resting in peace.

Two Thousand and Seven : The Penetration –

Although the first half was sulky it was 2007 when Iron Maiden decided to seal each of those person’s ass who thought metal does not exist in India. It was Rock in India’s first gig and it turned out to be a massive gig that got down metalheads not only from our nation but the neighbouring ones. I was infact almost crushed in that hysteric crowd. In 2008, they followed it up with another gig that marked the start of a world tour of the kind even they had not done before. And this brought all the remaining and much needed attention to India. Everything was noticed and things got to the other side of the world too. Thanks to Sam Dunn. Since then Maiden has played thrice in India. Both times I attended Bangalore and had missed the Bombay one. Sepultura did a three city tour in two thousand and seven itself and are yet to make their second trip.

Back in 2006 Great Indian Rock had invited Enslaved to Delhi and I was not as fortunate as the ones who saw them then. That ofcourse is history now. And we owe a lot to the first Maiden concert.

Since then we have had a spate of international gigs featuring bands that had made us pull out our hair and left us frustrated for not being blessed enough to be able to watch them. But now when I look back and think about the 3 years that have passed by I realize that a lot has happened around me. I no longer feel negative about the fact that I was born in India. If I chronicle the bands that arrived with their gears to perform in India I read a whole bunch of names – Iron Maiden, Megadeth, SepulturaLamb of God, Opeth, Satyricon, Ensiferum, Amon Amarth, Enslaved, EluveitieSahg, Machine Head, Hammerfall, Nervecell, TexturesRudra, De Profundis. Totally not bad.

Two Thousand and Eight –

In 2008, Dave Mustaine and troupe hit India to play a one-off gig following the release of United Abominations. This was the second edition of Rock in India and they were going strong. The only band out of the big four to have played India, Megadeth have not returned yet so I haven’t been given a chance to make up for my mistake of not going for their 2008 Bangalore gig. American band Machine Head had played alongside Megadeth. Although I had not heard more than one album of Machine Head before their gig, I did have the hangover of missing the whole event.

The same year India got a taste of how a live Norwegian black metal act looks and seems when they perform live. Satyricon headlined GIR-2008. I remember posing as a fake journalist and roaming around the lobby of this hotel they were put up in. Sick days. Saw Frost and did not get scared. Drank beer with King and even felt like one. Heavy doom band Sahg had supported Satyricon for the tour and I had comfortably made it to the front row for their set as only a few were interested. Thanks a lot, Amit Sehgal. Two months from then Ensiferum took the stage at this event named Livewire which is a part of a popular annual festival Mood Indigo hosted by IIT, Bombay. Along came some folk/viking music and many around me did not have as much as a clue of what this genre is. But they sure did dance to the tunes. It was the last song when a twenty-something me jumped the barricade, climbed the stage, headbanged and even exited with them. Good fun.

Two Thousand and Nine –

Opeth played the Saarang fest at IIT Chennai (early-2009), Hammerfall played the same venue in early-2010, Rudra played at ISM Dhanbad in March-2009. I missed all three of these gigs as they happened at godforsaken places. Rudra played at Dhanbad, Jharkhand. Really? But Rudra had played Bombay and Delhi in 2001, something I did not of and The Demonstealer did.

Swedish-band Amon Amarth headlined Deccan Rock Festival ’09 and melo-death came to India from where it should have come from. Also sharing the stage were progressive metal band Textures.

Two Thousand Ten and onwards –

By far 2010 has been an eventful year. Folk metal band Eluveitie travelled from Switzerland to IIT Guwahati’s annual festival in February. Rock in India organizers with a metal history paid Backstreet Boys to perform on the same platform as Iron Maiden and Megadeth. To overcome this serious blow Overture India debuted with an event as big as Lamb of God for the Summer Storm festival, Bangalore ’10. And it’s not been long since Nervecell‘s Preaching Venom India tour. I can wait for the next international act as my culture has taught me to wait. 2010 even saw Indian bands DR, Scribe and Kryptos finally breaking the mould when they went international. DR played a dream gig at Inferno festival Norway along with Scribe. Then DR played Brutal Assault festival Czech Republic. Kryptos left for a short European tour and have their dates booked for gigs next year too. All this happened in this very decade.

In the coming two months we have a lot of super gigs lined-up and I am totally kicked about them. Dates for Cynic, Meshuggah, Enslaved and Katatonia’s gigs are fast approaching. Maybe work commitments would not permit me to attend each one of them but then this is what is the state of Indian metal scene in the initial few years of it getting noticed. Don’t I have a lifetime to attend all the concerts that are definitely going to happen in India? Finally I have something good to say about our nation.

And the article would be incomplete without mentioning Katatonia separately. Totally my kind of music and so damn abundant. Hats off to the people who know of such music’s existence and are getting them down for us. There might be a tepid response for Katatonia but that would not in any way reduce the significance of this milestone event.

I would again say all this is just the beginning. It’s been just three years and bands are eager to make it to a new destination – India and fans here say they were always as loyal as they are now. Cheers!

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