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Benediction live at Boltfest, London 2012 : A review in pictures

The second slot at this year’s metal mania Boltfest went to death metal stalwarts Benediction, who haven’t released a new album for quite a while now. On 7th April, 2012, Benediction erupted like a dormant volcano wanting to tear your ass with its intensity, smoldering every part of you along its way. The performance by them need not be written about, as I have only good things to say about them. They got it all right. Be it uniting metalheads from different parts of the globe who had come to see them, or maintaining a level of musicianship that is hard to attain in the first place. Vocalist Dave Hunt was seen repeating how cancer fucks up one’s life, and we all should support the cause anywhere in every way possible. The entire venue nodded in unison, as this concert was not just about coming, chilling and watching some badass death metal bands but also about joining hands in favor of the Teenage Cancer Trust. Benediction, and the other bands on the line-up did their bit by organizing a gig, lending their names to it and providing all the possible strength to fight the ongoing battle with the demon that is cancer.

Benediction played the following tracks at Boltfest

Unfound Mortality
Nothing on the Inside
They Must Die Screaming
Jumping at Shadows
Subconscious Terror
The Dreams You Dread
Suffering Feeds Me

Horns up to Benediction for being themselves. It turned out to be a wonderful meet-and-greet evening for lovers of one of the most extreme genres out there.

A few pictures from Benediction’s set. Click on each to enlarge


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Review of Vallenfyre’s performance at Boltfest 2012

Vallenfyre live at Boltfest, London 2012 : A review in pictures

Making the metal-heads go bonkers like a dynamite is up their arse, Boltfest‘s line-up was the most excellent in a longtime and I don’t think it is going to be easy to beat such a lethal line-up. Dedicated entirely to the cause that was driving this entire festival, Boltfest was organized so that us metal-heads can go there, pay a menial amount – the proceeds of which were being sent to the Teenage Cancer Trust – and then witness five of the most definitive death metal artists out there. Bolt Thrower had announced that the show was sold out within a matter of minutes and all this happened, quiet silently, when I was back in India. Buzz started doing the rounds when Bolt Thrower started adding support bands to the line-up one-by-one. The final line-up, take a look –

Bolt Thrower

Once here in UK, the moment this gigantic piece of news reached my ears I instantly knew that I had to be there, even if I had to sell my own self. That wasn’t really required as I got in touch with the management, and they were kind enough to offer me a guest entry to the gig. Boltfest was clashing with day 2 of The DesertFest, but I was left with no choice. You already read the names up there. I fucking had to go!

Band number one was Vallenfyre. Formed by members of My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, At The Gates and Brujeria (actually the list is never-ending), Vallenfyre is relatively newer only in terms of its formation because the experience in the band’s musical ingredients makes it one of the most sought after bands today. I back up my words by a mere mention of The Fragile King. The debut blew my nuts away. 6 p.m. and the band was on-stage. When discipline and death metal go together you get a pinch, exactly what I needed to make myself believe that the gig has begun. This was Vallenfyre‘s second show ever, after their live debut in Finland which happened on February 2nd, 2012.

Gregor and co. began churning out tracks from The Fragile King, and the sound was echoing from all corners of the indoor venue – HMV Forum, Kentish Town, London – hitting each death head inside like a stone drenched in doom metal. Vallenfyre surpassed my expectations by not only sounding super tight, but they also had an eerie feeling surrounding them which went well with the groovy death metal. Almost no bright lights during their performance, they demolished the stage and left. There was very little interaction between the band and the audience, but I remember Gregor talking about the cause this festival was supporting.

In fact the doom quality of Vallenfyre‘s music becomes more evident during their live show. From the entire Vallenfyre set it was the last few moments of the song Desecration which really stuck with me. Those minutes were grand and the lights were completely off. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Vallenfyre‘s set-list for the night –

All Will Suffer
The Divine Have Fled
Ravenous Whore
Cathedrals of Dread
The Grim Irony
Humanity Wept
As the World Collapses

Vallenfyre’s performance in pictures. Click to enlarge –


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album review : Torture (2012) – Cannibal Corpse

album : Torture

artist : Cannibal Corpse

genre : Death Metal

year : 2012

Waking up every morning to the sick bass work on The Strangulated Chair gives me an assurance that the day is going to kick ass. Much like the entire twelfth record by Buffalo-based Cannibal Corpse. Nothing at all hinders them from writing death metal that carries a stamp of pitiless, cold-blooded and daring lyrics, murderous music and artwork that is strong enough to put a roadblock to your understanding of artistry. Not giving a fuck about where their music and artwork gets banned, Cannibal Corpse are not just an unstoppable death metal unit but also an inspiration for every extreme musician out there. As for us fans, had there not been a band like Cannibal Corpse then we would never have tunes to match our wildest desires. I don’t want to get myself started here.

Torture is out and this album puts a full-stop to anyone claiming that Cannibal Corpse is no longer the glorious band it used to be, or they do not cater to the ‘real’ death metal fans. I think you need to get yourself a hearing aid to digest the notorious music that CC keeps belting out with every album. The signature groove that fornicates with some of the crudest words used to describe the theme of the album has culminated into a metal affair that is Torture, which is going to be admired by the death metal community for the longest time. Spilling their extreme anger at every step of their way through the album Torture shows just how uncompromising a band can be!

After having watched them live now I know that they are all a metal band should be. Cannibal Corpse dash through their songs, knitting together all the possibilities that could come out of their genre. Every facet of the band is trending forward. The growls, on Torture, are one of the most visible features. Corpsegrinder adds another layer of clarity to the songwriting. Guitars are particularly heavy on most of the tracks, thereby providing a lot more music to store in your subconscious mind. Torture throws you down the mountain. Every part of your body hits different edges and corners of the rocky patches and by the time you land on a flat surface the only thing that is left is your carcass. And Cannibal Corpse have already planned what to do with that as well. So, don’t worry.

I’ve always wanted to say that the United States of America should add the fifty first star to their flag that would be dedicated exclusively to these death metal pioneers. And there couldn’t be a better place to jot this point down than here in the Torture review. Without an iota of doubt I can say that they deserve it.

Rating : 4.5/5

Job For A Cowboy live at Destroyers of the Faith, London 2012 : A review in pictures

Destroyers of the Faith 2012 had four big metal names embracing the stage – Job For A Cowboy, Enslaved, Triptykon and Cannibal Corpse.

Job For A Cowboy started off their death metal playing early (at around 18:30 p.m) in comparison to the attendance during the Cannibal Corpse set, but they were on time. Only the ones who were there specially to not miss them had their heads turned towards the stage. Quite a sizable number I must say, and the rest of them pretty much realized after a while that JFAC are already shattering the glasses at the bar located behind this kickass indoor venue named HMV Forum. It’s in Kentish Town, London. The band’s from Canada. Having already made their mark in the deathcore genre, JFAC are now capturing the essence of death metal in their songs. Their set-list also included songs from their upcoming album Demonocracy which is due to release next month. They are coming to get you. Wait till you hear their new release!

Check out how much Job For A Cowboy enjoyed being on stage. To enlarge click on them


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You might also want to look at the pictures taken during Enslaved’s performance at Destroyers of the Faith, London 2012

This is how it looked while Triptykon was nailing their songs at Destroyers of the Faith tour, London 2012

The indomitable Cannibal Corpse live at Destroyers of the Faith tour, London 2012. Click. Now!

album review : The Tomb Awaits (2011) – Entrails

album : The Tomb Awaits

artist : Entrails

genre : Death Metal

year : 2011

Classy death metal that incorporates speed, darkness, groove, ‘roll’ and gives back so much more for the amount of time the listener invests in hearing the second album by Swedish band Entrails. There are ample amounts of speed alterations making me ponder over the fact that Entrails are actually belting out death metal dynamites on The Tomb Awaits. The guidelines for hearing  this album are clear – One needs to have a special place for old school death metal with several modern elements mixed together that creates a new sound that is far from confusion. The strength that is carried by darkness is up for grabs.

On a scale bad, average, good and excellent albums I’d place The Tomb Awaits between average and good because going by what I hear on this album they can do a lot more to their songwriting and their full potential is yet to be reached so their best is yet to be seen. So, while you go check out their latest release I’ll go play their debut, which supposedly is better of the two.

Rating : 3.5/5

album review : Macabre Eternal (2011) – Autopsy

album : Macabre Eternal

artist : Autopsy

genre : Death Metal

year : 2011

I have been wanting to visit old school because that is where all the fun is. The out rightly in-your-face music that is not only cool to listen to but also dirty brings out the best in you. The old school management has had American players Autopsy contributing to the rulebook since 1987, but only until 1995 when they decided to hang up. We saw a release directly in 2010 with their Ep The Tomb Within. Although the songs on the Ep did not give me an erection I had a feeling the band has some other plans. So yes, I felt right.

Autopsy‘s fifth full-length Macabre Eternal is here, with the quality of death metal you expect from them. Being one of those bands who speak less and play more (both in terms of quality and quantity), Autopsy has once again proved that they are the band to trust when it comes to performing unclean metal post-mortems. Their first full-length since 1995, Macabre Eternal easily sticks to you in terms of it’s appeal. Even after sixteen years.

Extremely minimal weathering in the way Autopsy plays, or rather in the way they sound. Still I’d have voted for their old sound as it had a soul in itself. Neither their hands nor their instruments have rusted, which pretty much is out there on all their tracks. Chris Reifert is still carrying his signature vocals that makes him identifiable. The tunes are raw, drumming is sorted as well. So they go beyond just providing satisfaction on their new record.

Long live, Autopsy.

Rating :4/5

album review : Necromantaeon (2011) – Purgatory

album : Necromantaeon

artist : Purgatory

genre : Death Metal

year : 2011

Not a name that has been making waves in the death metal category, German band Purgatory has been constantly releasing full-length albums. Could be because they want everyone to be aware of their presence, or maybe they are doing it just because they know they have it them. Yes, they do. But the problem is they aren’t unique enough as they make it visible with their sixth album Necromantaeon. I do not hate the album but I did not enjoy it either.

I’ll put it like this. There is the death metal genre and there are infinite death metal bands. Now if I pick up Necromantaeon and blast it I would not be able to say that this is a Purgatory release simply because the growling, the drumming and the riffing do not dare to differ from the usual. It’s like the legendary bands have started their own tutoring sessions and several bands are getting trained under them so they can start playing the same stuff. Not something to be proud of, and that is my honest opinion after listeing to Necromantaeon.

Rating : 2.5/5

album review : Legacy of Ashes (2010) – Sinister

album : Legacy of Ashes

artist : Sinister

genre : Death Metal

year : 2010

Playing Sinister-esque death metal is like asking every other genre to rest in peace. They shoot their metal with an earnest intention to deliver. Legacy of Ashes plays the perfect butter to the naked bread, with the instruments capturing the true essence of this genre. The album clocks at around thirty eight minutes and isn’t of a kind that has been produced just so that there is another Sinister record in the catalogue.

The tone of Alex Paul‘s guitar eats up any flaws there are, and Edwin beats the drums black and blue. Aad Kloosterwaard is a vocal monster while the newly recruited Joost is seen enjoying his bass duties. Throughout the length and breadth of Legacy of Ashes your mind and body is submitted in a way that you hold out your horns in support of Sinister. A fan of Sinister or not but with Legacy of Ashes we are looking at another cool death metal release.

Rating : 4/5

Random (Re)Discovery #1 – Defiant Imagination

I am someone who is dependent on music and a lot at that. And hence I decided to introduce something wherein I can recommend – a band, an album, an artist or maybe a song – randomly. It could be something I discovered just yesterday and has made me crap in my boxers or maybe something I rediscovered now.

The recommendation that probably nailed the inspiration behind this topic is this album named Defiant Imagination by Canadian death metallers Quo Vadis [official site]. First heard this band about two years ago but back then I had lots on my plate. It slipped my mind then, but it was only last week that I heard it again. Those of you who are slow at accepting recommendations, just download and play the track Silence Calls The Storm from the mentioned album. Period.

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