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gig review : Dinner is a Lie tour 2010 (Bombay leg) featuring Albatross, Devoid and Nervecell

Witnessing a good metal gig unfold in front of you can get you back in shape. Dinner is a lie tour had Indian metal bands Albatross and Devoid launching their albums and Dubai-based Nervecell breaking bones. After not finding enough people to do so in Bangalore and Hyderabad, I am sure Nervecell was disappointed by the live metal scene in India until they came to Bombay for the last leg of the tour. More than four hundred interested metalheads landed at Blue Frog for this indoor gig.

Blue Frog has been a host to many a gigs that have happened here in the near past and is a venue that leaves you satisfied. Thanks to the free mints at the entry.


Alright, the gig was to begin at 9 p.m. and it started half an hour after that. The venue looked pretty filled and the opening band Devoid was to take the stage. An album launch can be a great high and the proud members of Devoid stood there while the intro to their album was played. Song after song the band played their entire album in order. With their original guitarist Keshav present, the band put up a strong show before the current guitarist Sanju completed their set. While Devoid belted their originals the crowd forgot the fact that there is a tomorrow they have to live for. Getting the otherwise wasted bouncers back to work, there was a maddening response to Devoid complete with crowd and stage surfing. And that is so metal. Sound-wise the band was really tight and on the console was Fali Damania who will be thanked more than once here.


Albatross was next. Debuting in Bombay is quite a task and that showed in the band’s performance. The band played the entire Ep along with a cover song which was Ozzy Osbourne‘s Mr. Crowley. The crowd reacted a bit coldly but the band did get heads bobbing towards the end. Tightening up is all that is needed as no band has ever owned a crowd on their debut.

It was time for the headlining band and Nervecell‘s monstrous members left little space for any non-sense on stage. Making metal instruments seem small and cute because of their personalities, the moment they began I bet even a blind person would have known where the sound is coming from. They were brilliantly brutal and tight and they made it clear what it takes to tour with bands like Deicide and Suffocation.


This is how their setlist looked like :

Flesh and Memories
Human Chaos
Existence Ceased
Vicious Circle of Bloodshed
Bolt Thrower cover

Very loud, these lovers of old school death were impressed by the response they got. Naming Bombay as the metal capital of India was one thing while asking metalheads to mosh unrelentingly and still watchout for each other was another. Many woke up to the beauty of thrash death metal, and credit goes to Nervecell.

Thanks to Gigbox for the gig, Blue Frog for the venue equipped with some great acoustics and light arrangements, Ayan De for the spectacular visuals on the screens, Sahil Makhija, Demonstealer Records and Fali Damania. The sound contract for my marriage as well as my funeral goes to you. All in all it was a fun gig and an experience that will be remembered for the longest time. It is gigs like these that actually make me want to live longer.

[All the saliva-dripping pictures included here have been clicked by Pratika Prabhune (bass, clean vocals – Chronic Phobia)]

Here’s a video of Nervecell playing Demolition at Blue Frog, Bombay.

Ep review : Dinner is You (2010) – Albatross

ep : Dinner is You

artist : Albatross

genre : Horror Metal

year : 2010

Defying the norms of playing some known genre, Indian metal band Albatross decided to form a genre of their own. The band is seen combining their literary interests with their musical abilities and this amalgamation resulted in horror. Yeah, after giving the world some unexplored genres like demonic metal and humor metal, Demonstealer Records have delivered horror metal and they continue to entertain. Known to pick their bands carefully, Albatross comes across as a worthwhile experience.

Dinner is You plays around the disease of Kuru which simply put is a condition among cannibals where they just cannot stop laughing. Its not just originality that I wish to talk about but also the way many genres have been woven together.

The Ep has a simple introduction titled The Great Plague of the 21st Century but is enough to bring you closer to your organs. Guest Mihir takes on as the voice of Albatross for this one. In less than two minutes we are sucked in. Are you scared already? – Don’t be.

Albatross is essentially a thrash band drawing influences from power, speed, heavy and progressive genres. Next track The Dining Table deserves an applause. Lyrically the song is an interaction and unleashing his vocal capabilities here is Biprorshee and he will be remembered for a longtime for his work on the Ep. Clean vocals with high pitched variations is a complete win for the band. The solo that completes this track makes this a personal favorite. Bass is handled by Albatross-founder Riju and he keeps it loud and glaring throughout.

Speeding things up is In the Court of Kuru and this track has King Diamond sprinkled in between. Apart from being groovy enough to get you going, lyrics on this one only improves. Fourth track Among the Cannibals stands at almost ten minutes and is a metal ride. All members are seen enjoying their parts. Guitarists Rajarshi and Jimmy play with their instruments especially in the latter half. Loads of head spinning involved here. Jay Thacker is a drummer to watch out for. Everything on the Ep has been mastered by Andy La Rocque (King Diamond) and things would not have been the same without his refining touch.

The theme of horror is not something everyone would relate to but this concept extended play would put the fear back into your lives. Dinner is You is your gateway to the world of cannibals and has metal in abundance. The message is clear. Albatross has arrived.

Rating : 4/5

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The Flaming Skull Forums

When was the last time you went to some forums and found like minded people around? When was the last time you felt like visiting a website to find out about a gig that is happening in town? Here your thinking would not help as you do not have many. And what makes me use the term many is the fact that there were places promoting the metal/rock scene in India, where I made sure I logged in atleast once a day to keep myself updated.

Now a couple of them that instantly remind me of the times I spent keeping the above mentioned intentions in mind would be demonstealerrecords website, gigpad, emusicpost site and rsj forums. Whereas I was dependent on gigpad for gig updates, I visited rsj forums to have some metal fun and share my metal thoughts. And then something went wrong. I am still active on demonstealerrecords forums but I can count the number of active  members on my fingers and I know all of them personally. Or atleast most of them.

Now a forum in the wider sense is meant to gather people from all diverse fields and give them a platform to express themselves. Ofcourse metal in this context. And when I say I know most of them it directly implies that the place is not happening. Adding not happening anymore would explain better. It is not anyone’s fault here as it is a task in itself to keep any forums alive, and analyzing the situation would lead us nowhere.

The flaming skull podcast or tfsp that was started in July last year to promote the Indian scene saw many metalheads across the nation throng their website for whatever reasons they had. But a significant fact to note here is that their website got 17000+ hits in a short span of time, and considering it was a website providing listeners with podcast episodes to download its a large number. A small shoutbox present on the site had everyone trying to shout out the obvious things about what band kicked ass on the released episode, or what band should be featured next and why. The discussion was never-ending.

this is what awaits you

At this very juncture the people behind the podcast felt the need of introducing the forums. With their intentions being to constantly diminish the gap between them and the listeners, launching the forums could only improve things. Lets face it, we all need a place we can relate to and be part of.

So after the ninth metalcast episode and the first rockcast one, you are provided with forums. Visit it, and explode the place. Be it metal or rock, you can speak out and most importantly share. In a life that cannot get busier, wherever you are you can come here and chill. The flaming skull forums is easy to access and like any other community website you will spot a register option, and it all ends with you filling your email address. So you have no reason to complain. And before you say you do not have the link to the forums, here you go The Flaming Skull Forums

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…and I will not be Resurrected

Tonight, all metalheads in Bombay will head to Marimba Lounge, or let me put say this way. Tonight all sensible metalheads will head there as

resurrection IX

Resurrection IX is going to have its final gig and this is not just another gig, but one where Exhumation is going to play some serious brutal death. And you do not see them playing at every other gig.

As is clear from the post name, I will not be a part of this metal celebration. There are a lot of reasons for which I would have wanted to be present but then I am not going to be resurrected anyways. A lot of shit is happening with me post my decision of moving to Chennai so I could continue earning my bread and liquor.

Resurrection has always been something I never missed. All the previous ones happened when I was in and around Bombay. But then there are many things that happen for the first time in life and that is exactly what has taken place. The first resurrection that I attended was the fourth edition when DR had released their debut album.And no I did not review it. Sharing the stage with them were Exhumation, Myndsnare and Kryptos (3-piece one). That gig seriously kicked ass as it was a different time altogether for metal in Bombay.

my first resurrection - IV

But tonight is also going to kick ass as this is yet again a different time for the Bombay metal scene. All the 3 bands for tonight – DR, Exhumation and Bhayanak Maut – are tight live acts.

One interesting thing to watch out for tonight would be P-man or Rohit Pereira playing bass for Exhumation. And even though I know I am going to really miss Exhumation‘s performance, there is a little something else too that I am going to miss – free booze. A couple of days back my friend and Exhumation vocalist Aditya Mehta held a contest on his blog asking everyone to post about the new bass player for Exhumation at the resurrection gig and I for once knew the answer as I was told by Aditya himself. Posted it for fun, only to realise that I was entitled to unlimited supply of any beer I want on this very night ! But then I just got to know that all the free booze is going to pass through my other friend Aditya Rao‘s humongous tummy. Wonder how he is preparing himself for this one.

Now I needed some reason to convince myself for the fact that I am missing this gig. So guess what I told myself – the gig is not happening at Razz nor the regular Marine Center, so its ok. Well that was just a passing thought. The ones making it tonight, a weekday could not have been better.

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album review : The Return To Darkness (2010) – Demonic Resurrection

– by Itihas Shetty

The demons return with metal embossed all over them.

It was in 2005 when a major change of sorts was seen in the Indian metal scene and only a demon(stealer) could have a hand in it. India’s only metal record label Demonstealer Records (DSR) dared to release Demonic Resurrection’s (DR) debut album complete with good recording and an inlay which had been worked on. Things are not the same anymore and it is going to be better.

Back then none new that this DR album (A Darkness Descends) along with their second Ep (Beyond The Darkness) will culminate into a final release in this trilogy of darkness named The Return To Darkness. (now that is four darkness already !). And if you have not heard of DR you should probably go back to sleep.

This new album has 10 tracks and more on that later. Out of the many firsts this band has achieved, they got their artwork done by this Xaay fellow who has previously worked with Nile, Karl Sanders, Necrophagist and Behemoth. Now that is a lot he has done in a lifetime. The album cover is magnificient and the inlay is detailed complete with lyrics and supporting art (signature DSR). If you have not heard the preview tracks then the artwork should be the reason for owning this album. Class !

Praising the box of this set took up some of my time prior to opening it. I couldn’t wait to play the cd. Before I got lost in the music I wanted to see the huge poster. Instantly my eyeballs caught sight of Viru‘s flared nostrils. Only to have my balls drop off by the drumming on the album. He is easily one of the best we have as his drumming is effortless.

The Return To Darkness is DR‘s album with a new line-up. Expect a change in their sound and how ! It feels as if the new guitarist Daniel was the only one DR was falling short of. He has changed the way people will perceive DR. He is equipped with that professional attitude towards his role that doesn’t come easily. Look around you and feel the difference.

So we have 10 tracks. Of pure unadulterated melodic metal. The intro to the album Between Infinity And Oblivion personifies what the band believes in – darkness. Great synth work on this one. Talking about synth, Mephisto has raised the bar for synth playing. What amazing work. He stands out on each track. Lookout for the tracks The Warrior’s Return, A Tragedy Befallen, Bound By Blood Fire and Stone, Dismembering The Fallen. Infact this version of Dismembering The Fallen is better than the last recorded one. A special mention to Sahil‘s vocals. It sounds more polished now.

I look for melody in most of what I hear, and when I expect it to be there I look for it even more. DR has been promising and on this record the aspect of melody is pushed even further, staying true to the band’s major influences. Infact in every song there is a conscious effort to include melody but the ones that kept me hooked have got to be Where Dreams And Darkness Unite, Omega I and The Final Stand.

The lone track that made news before the album release The Unrelenting Surge Of Vengeance has some great riffs and brutal drumming. They had replicated this song the way it is on the record at Deccan Rock Festival. Followed it up with a video on youtube that catapulted the views on their channel DemonicTube thereby setting some new records for Indian metal.

Now a separate part on my most awaited track – the 11 minute opus – Lord Of Pestilence. Begins with a sound that no doubt will remind you of Frozen Portrait. But then the clean parts on Frozen were not sung by Sahil. Sahil attending his Workshop regularly has improved his clean skills. And I see influences from his other project Demonstealer too. The song that is over 11 minutes scores in every department. Complete with power drumming, classic synth and guitar solos. So to say it is a complete song.

The production on the album need not be talked about because by now we know what to expect from DSR. Fronted and run singlehandedly by Sahil ‘the demonstealer Makhija, this one man army is a massive reason for the shaping of the scene. Time and again this has been said and he truly lives up to it. And the least we can do is buy the albums, (fuck) I mean an album with this quality really needs to be appreciated and how can that be done ? – obviously by buying them !

I need not mention this separately but this is the best Indian metal album till date. In the words of Saloni Sinha, they sound like a mellow version of Behemoth, can’t believe its the same DR.

Read that ? Everyone is sharing the same feeling over this album, the new DR line-up and sound. Pick up your copy. It is worth your money. And DR at its fucking best.

With a gig lined up in Europe this year, it is clear that everyone in the band has a passport. That was sad. After all, demonic metal is something only India can offer.

Next stop – Wacken ?

[Saloni Sinha is the brain behind the artwork for Amogh Symphony, Gutslit, Atmosfear, and this German band named Winterblood. And if you do not have a band then you can get a tattoo done. Click here non-demonic content to check this kickass tattoo she made on me. ahem ! Drop a mail to metaholic666thegame@gmail.com]

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